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May 2nd, 2013 at 07:39 am

**Dh got a $5 snowflake yesterday from Craigslist (sold baby monitors). Firstly, I wouldn't have bothered for anything less than $10, but he had so much to sell I suppose it was just whatever - since he was already going through all the hassle. Secondly, yeah, the baby stuff is all LONG GONE. But those have come in handy for a long time, and I am surprised he did not want to keep them. (Particularly for when he watched movies in our theater - impossible to hear the phone or door). We actually pretty much never used the baby monitors in a traditional sense. Just more so we could hear the kids getting into trouble when they were older. I could never sleep with a baby monitor and dh witnessed that I did not need one - he told me I always woke up before the kids started crying. (I don't think I would have known this otherwise - just would have assumed they woke me up crying). So, I found them rather useless versus mother intuition. But I know dh would sometimes watch movies while the kids were napping - stuff like that. So he'd use the baby monitors so he could hear what was going on in rest of house. Otherwise our house is not *that* big or spread out.

No bites on anything else, but we will just donate whatever we can't get rid of. A few toys, puzzles, books, games. I've got a small donate pile too.

**We cleaned up the house this past weekend, so, phew.

I finished most my deadlines at work yesterday. So, today I feel a huge sigh of relief. !! This weekend will regroup and figure what I am behind on - probably have quite a to-do list at home. Same kind of feeling at work. May pause and clean up a bit today, but still piles and piles of work to do - it's all just a little less pressing.

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