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Car Repairs + OT

April 17th, 2013 at 04:41 pm

Well, the *big* push at work is over, but I can't say things have slowed much. Still crazy busy for a while.

I did receive a very nice OT check. That said, I did not clear more than last year because of our tax situation. It's a bummer to earn more but to bring home less. So, I have $4700 for our China fund. I saved 100%, as was the plan. (This was also the first time I did not receive straight OT - definitely a bit of a bonus, which was nice!)

I was looking at our checkbook today trying to figure why I was feeling worse off than expected. But realized we still have not received dh's $400 for study. Rolleyes That will be much better. It really should have been here by now.

Dh is cute. He was surprised I was planning to save 100% of OT with upcoming car repairs. Silly boy. (We save for car repairs throughout the year, and he should know this).


Having always driven much older cars, there seems to be a pattern where certain cars eat through certain parts quite often. On dh's car it has always been the motor mounts. We took it in and was as I had expected. Oh well - is the only thing we have ever really replaced first 150k miles (aside from the obvious - batteries, tires, brake pads). But it's definitely official - this car eats motor mounts! (Replacing them every 50k miles or so is infinitely cheaper than buying up in car - plan to keep this car another 5+ years).

Mechanic recommended that we replace the timing belt (probably should have done sooner, but don't take vehicle in very much). So, I thought we had replaced some belt around 100k miles but realized it was just the fan belt when I looked it up. We decided not to drive the car until we can get it back in - might be in the shop two days. So kind of an inconvenient week. We take it back tomorrow, as they were too booked to just keep the car. This will be by far the most expensive repair we have ever had on this car - and don't expect anything like this for a long while. The vehicle is very low maintenance, but belts and such do need to be replaced when you keep a car a long time.

While checking records I noted we will probably have a couple of tires to replace on dh's car this summer. Will wait until late summer, but will be good to replace before fall.

3 Responses to “Car Repairs + OT”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    My previous car (Honda) needed motor mounts replaced I think, although the other problems occurred before I had to deal with motor mounts. I never did ask how much they'd cost .. but like you said, a lot less expensive than replacing the entire car!

  2. snafu Says:

    Since tire replacement is on the list and not urgent, you might consider seeing slightly used tires that an owner has traded in for 'performance' tires for their vehicle. Car aficionados or those who see themselves as performance drivers need the 'look' and you benefit on cost. Consumer reports is an excellent source of information about tires since so many "Motor Trend' type articles are subtle promotions from manufacturers and distributors.

    During a super frugal periods I've bought high quality tires from wreckers for cheap. I thought it was worth the hassle of driving to city limits [wrecker yard locations], loading 4 tires in a borrowed truck, arranging tires and vehicle to local high school where with vehicle on hoist, pulled off 4 existing tires, transfered rims to newer tires and installed for a very modest cost + tire recycle fee for old tires. Did I remember to say cripes, what a hassle?

  3. Joe Says:

    It might be a good idea to replace the water pump at the same time as the timing belt. Most of the labor cost will be covered by the timing belt replacement and you will only be paying for water pump.

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