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Black Lentils

February 13th, 2013 at 03:21 pm


This cookbook is going to save us a fortune in eating well:

The Indian Slow Cooker: 50 Healthy, Easy, Authentic Recipes

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**THANKS to Thriftorama, who recommended it!**

Last night we had black lentils:

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{Beware - this is a spicy dish}.

Served on rice and garnished with finely chopped onions. SO GOOD!!


It's interesting, because we eat a diet heavy in onions and garlic, and peppers (probably more mexican inspired, usually, when it comes to home cooking skills). But all these Indian dishes are really heavy on the garlic and onions, and peppers - just prepared in an entirely different manner. No wonder we like so much.

Dh scored spices for 70 cents, at Target. HE noticed quite by accident.

Since we *just* had a new Indian grocer open up real close, we are getting most the Indian spices and lentils very cheaply there. So, what I thought might be a bit of a luxury is actually decreasing our grocery bill. I likey!!


In other news, dh told me he got all kind of deals at Target yesterday. I am too busy with work to detail any of it or figure it all out. I think there was $5 off for buying pet products (cat litter and cat food).

$5 off some blu rays, too.

Dh also told me that he can no longer keep the grocery runs at $100+ (for gas rewards) if we are going to be eating all these Indian dishes. Oh well!! I think we come out farther ahead with the lower grocery bills. Wink I don't think he hit $100 at all this year. Another big part of that is they changed up their rewards. Which made me anxious at first, but we seem to be benefiting us - working in our favor. The gas coupons usually amount to about $8 of gas saving a month, but obviously we are saving far more than $8 on groceries. So I can appreciate the bigger picture.

3 Responses to “Black Lentils”

  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    I love that cookbook, by the way. Best $5 (used) I ever spent. I'm also currently reading Taste of Home Fresh & Easy. I think it might be worth buying as well. It's geared toward people who grow some of their own veggies, and has some good recipes for some of the items we usually grow.

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    My spouse's grandma has bought us a never-ending subscription to Taste of Home magazine (two of them). LOVE their stuff. So much that is "cheap" or "easy" or "few ingredients." I think was really key to getting us to transition to mostly home cooking when we had just basic cooking skills. I think most of that can be found online these days (you can search their recipes using those parameters - whatever fits your needs - inexpensive or fast or whatever). I am sure any cookbook they put out is excellent!

  3. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    My friends from Afghanistan/Pakistan (to this day somewhat a migrant family, though urban) cook in a style very much like the adjoining part of India. They eat very healthily and very inexpensively. Their cooking has influenced mine and put into my head a saying of my own observation, "Into every meal a little vegetable must fall," which encourages me never to eat a high carb food without at least a sprinkle of vegetable. For example, chips of carrot in the rice or tiny bits of spinach in the lentils, the latter of which amusingly mimics my own Southern US style of always having greens with beans.

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