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Life is Speeding Along

January 29th, 2013 at 08:24 pm

I can't believe January is almost over. Total insanity!!

**Today I tackled the chore of closing an old Ally account. I believe I was keeping it because it was a money market account with checks, but I probably haven't written a check from it in several years. Easier just to close it and be done. I have another Ally account, so this is just some housekeeping and consolidation/simplifying.

I unfortunately need *two* savings accounts at each of my credit unions. That is the one annoying thing about CUs. BUT, the minimum for both is like $1/no fees ever. So, this only leaves me one for-profit bank to keep an eye on with minimums and fees and such. Not that I don't have to read all the CU Fine print - but I am definitely more lax with the CUs.

Anyway, because I started with a MM Ally account and then eventually moved most of it to another type account, I had two savings accounts with each financial institution I bank with. But as of today, that is no more. Phew!


**Blockbuster is closing their local store. Dh is very bummed about that. I wonder if this means we can just go 100% to netflix. {We get several benefits with BB having been grandfathered forever ago, but most those benefits have to do with being able to pick up videos and games in store, any time. Very convenient. We just do this + Netflix streaming}. I know before that Netflix charged more for Blu Rays, which was a deal breaker. But, I think it will be cheaper and most our BB perks are to vanish in the next month or so.

Well, will have to discuss with dh. Plus, we picked up a pile of dirt cheap movies last time another store closed and they were selling off inventory at our location. So, this will be a good money-making opportunity if is like last time (buy dirt cheap to sell on Amazon).


**That reminds me, will have to update my snowflake page for this month. Of note, got a $16-off coupon for our grocery store (new rewards program) and received $68 credit from CU Visa (1% of 2012 purchase).


**My Money Blog and Mr. Money Mustache both had good posts today (or last night?). I am far too lazy to link, but see the links on my sidebar to their respective blogs...

MMB was about indexes beating hedge funds and MMM was just the usual.


**SO, my 9yo has never had a security blanket, but he is in love with his sleeping bag. We were watching a TV show the other night where this person was like wearing a sleeping bag? Dh and I both look at each other and were like, "Um, is she wearing a sleeping bag!?!" We both immediately thought of BM.

Poler sells one of these beauties (called a Napsack). It is only $130. Wink The child size is $69, but would maybe fit my eldest for about 5 minutes. IF that. Today I saw another type for $50 on Amazon - bigger kids sizes.

The napsack is basically a sleeping bag with arm holes (that zip up), a hood for your head, and a drawstring for the bottom. We considered getting the $69 version as I don't think drawstringing the bottom really means much if you just want to wear it around the house. The other version was like a giant onesie - LOL. It needs one improvement - zippered feet - then maybe I would be sold. $50 kid sized on Amazon. Is totally fine around the house, so might get, but doesn't make a lot of sense to walk around outside while camping and get mud/dirt on the bottom of your "sleeping bag."

The kids both need new sleeping bags, so I'd consider the $130 ones. BUT, BM is hard on his stuff, so I don't know.

I hope these take off, because I want more choices. Big Grin But, it is so "OMG MADE for my son" that we will probably just buy one. His birthday is in July - it will not be a useful post-annual-camping trip or summer gift. We don't buy the kids much, so I don't mind a splurge.


If you are easily offended you should sign off now. BUT OMG - dh was showing me this video and it is hilarious. (Lots of F Bombs, and other assorted words).

I can't resist sharing it because it is a pro thrift shop/frugal song. But you have been forewarned:

Text is and Link is

As vulgar as this song is, they have a really beautiful pro-gay song too. I think it is called "Same Love." These two videos/songs are kind of polar opposite - but both rooted in some basic common sense, which is why my dh was really digging them.

10 Responses to “Life is Speeding Along”

  1. Petunia 100 Says:

    Thanks for the warning, will give them a look at home tonight.

  2. littlegopher Says:

    My oldest came home from college for a visit in Oct and introduced it to us. I think it's fun, if not too appropriate!

    I work in a middle school, and a tenor saxophonist in the 6th grade band plays the intro perfectly, and the kids all giggle every time he plays it. For kicks, I thought I'd look up the lyrics - oh my, what I didn't know, wasn't hurting me Smile Oh well, still like the song!

  3. ceejay74 Says:

    OMG, MonkeyMama, that was "F&(#$ing awesome." Wink

  4. Petunia 100 Says:

    That was funny, even with the unfortunate f bombs.

    I like "Same Love" too. Very touching.

  5. Looking Forward Says:

    Thanks for the link!
    I heard this song on the radio before and was laughing (love the.."ask your grandpa can I have his hand-me-downs"..) watching the video was even better. Big Grin

  6. Swimgirl Says:

    "No for real, ask your grandpa, can I have his hand-me-downs?"

    My college-age kids LOVE this song. Fans of the thrift stores, too...

    Haha! It's so "f-ing awesome!"

  7. LuckyRobin Says:

    Do you know about Gamefly? It's like Netflix, but for video games. We only use it during the summer because the rest of the year there's not enough time to get our money's worth out of it, but if you play a lot of games or want to keep them out as long as you want, it might be worthwhile for you.

  8. MonkeyMama Says:

    @littlegopher - LOL. My spouse was like, "Don't you think the word *vulgar* is strong?" I said, "Um, no, because he said this, that, and this." He quickly conceded. But I am one of those types blissfully unaware to lyrics most the time. I am not sure I'd catch on to all the words if not seeing the video and lip reading a bit.

    I am curious about the radio version - was this like satellite or did they bleep the heck out of it??

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