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January 9th, 2013 at 12:40 pm

**Dh tried another Indian crockpot recipe. Chicken vindaloo.

The recipe closely approximated this one:

Text is http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=4848562 and Link is

Except the recipe dh made was about double. (I am surprised it all fit in the crockpot). I think the flavors were good, but was a little watery instead of creamy. I found another recipe that was tomato sauce based and we might have to try that one for comparison.

Anyway, no wonder this is one of my favorite Indian dishes. All it is is a LOT of onions and garlic and peppers, and vinegar (TONS of onions!). That's about it - throw in some chicken and a pile of spices. YUM!

Will see how the leftovers shape up - if the sauce thickens a bit. This was dh's complaint about the saag paneer - he added cream after and said it was perfect. Might be the same story for this dish - it just isn't creamy. It's good enough that I don't think I really care. Big Grin


**I got a parking ticket in San Francisco for not curbing my wheels on a "more than 3% grade." Rolleyes I googled a bit, and while these tickets are often wrong, apparently, and fightable, I am pretty sure the grade was more than 3%. I've already paid the stupid thing... It's just that it never occured to me to curb my wheels since I wasn't actually on a hill of any note. I looked up 3%, and is about how it sounds. Like, about flat. The moral of the story is to never park *anywhere* in San Francisco without curbing your wheels. For me, lesson learned!

I won't sweat it, but I am peeved on a deeper level about the government's desparate grab for funds. I have a couple of friends who got even more stupid tickes locally, recently. IT doesn't matter what city - they are all desparate. At least mine wasn't $250...

$60 Out...


**MIL is talking about cashing out BM's 529 and giving the funds to us to invest. I am extremely pleased about this. I was telling dh, I have no idea why/when/how she started giving us the money to invest, but I appreciate it very much. I don't like 529 plans to begin with (inflexible/high fees), but what is worse is they have it in Merrill (more fees and fees and fees).

This was the holdout - she has a few thousand in a 529 plan for BM, from when before LM was born. Apparently once LM was born she just starting giving us the annual gifts.

I don't think there will be *any* penalties or taxes, because the thing has never made any money. But, that is what we have to sort out.


**Dh is talking me into returning to the city for a live show in a couple of weeks. Apparently the Thrilling Adventure Hour is going to be peformed there. It is an old-fashioned radio type show - usually performed live and then put out on podcast. Some of our favorite actors and comedians.

This is dh: "Of course the kids can go - it is not 21 and up." We have our strengths, and dh often seems clueless when it comes to the rules of children. I suppose it probably would have been easiest to call the venue. I *finally* found the policy last year was no children under 5. Though I will recommend a call to be sure, before buying expensive tickets!

I am not a huge fan of the podcats, but I am totally hooked on Paget Brewster in the Beyond Belief show. She is a crackup!! Really makes you appreciate radio theater - something we have never particularly experienced in our lifetime.

It's the week after dh's birthday, so I think we will likely not buy him anything for his birthday, and will make it a birthday thing. In fact, his mom was going to give him a check. No idea how much, but I think it is fair to use it for this. Other than that, will have to come out of vacation fund. We have short-term savings for this kind of thing, BUT, I already hit the short-term way too much for the first of the year. This is an opportunity that can not be passed up, but we have the vacation budget for it. {We had been talking about going to LA to see the show at some point - which would cost a heck of a lot more in gas and such}.


Other money out out out:

**BM needed new shoes - ran by Payless yesterday (thank goodness for those wide sizes).

**Funded kids lunch accounts for second half of year.

**Passports will be $200+ - will take from vacation fund. I don't know my options for paying. I assume check only, but will have to look that up. {I am trying really hard to go checkless, but something or other always pops up!}

2 Responses to “Doings”

  1. North Georgia Gal Says:

    I am trying to go checkless too. I hate writing checks. Online bill pay is great!

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    That stinks about the parking ticket!

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