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Christmas Deals

December 9th, 2012 at 10:02 am

My general goal is not to step foot into any retail establishment (& not to drive near any mall) for the entire month of December.

I am waiting for two presents to arrive in the mail so that we can wrap them.


Deals of the past week:

--$5 off $25 Amazon purchase:


--$10 off $50 Target purchase:

We were going to stock up on cat litter and cat food and stuff to take advantage. BUT, at the last minute MIL asked dh if he could pick up a gift she forgot for the kids. She already reimbursed him the $40 for the $40 gift. He might of just picked up regular groceries to get to $50. That basically meant a free $10 for us - score!!

--$10 off $100 Amazon purchase:

I am passing on this one, and I think dh probably will too - but I reluctantly let him know about it just in case. Will see. Both these Amazon deals would have been nice a few days earlier!! Especially the $25 one, since I just spent $25 on Amazon a few days back.

--Groupon 40% Dragon tickets

Too late!!

This one was e-mailed to me *two* days after I bought the tickets. Rolleyes I would have been 10 times more annoyed if I had gotten them first thing in the morning, the night after I bought the tickets. The two day buffer pissed me off less - HA! {I looked, and we could have gotten essentially the same tickets - I looked hoping to see they were crappy seats or something - no such luck}.

Lesson learned: Next time I might delay ticket purchases and keep an eye on groupon, just in case. There was no rush to buying these tickets.

Anyway, reminds me that the Christmas/birthday season total seems to be $150 from my folks. If Florida Grandpa sends the usual, the Dragon tickets will be paid for. & since both my parents and Grandpa tend to do a "one check for the family" thing it's nice when we actually spent it on a family thing. More in the spirit of what they would want us to use it for. {I often just use it for Christmas bills or save it}.

2 Responses to “Christmas Deals”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Yep, I've had that happen before. Get a groupon or similar deal *after* I've already made a purchase.

  2. EarlyRetirementJoy Says:

    Sorry for the late reply post - it's raining here and I'm back reading some of my favorite Saving Advice bloggers rather than doing what I really should be doing - which it to get dressed for a rainy day run. :-(

    I smiled when I saw your comment about not going into any malls in December. I share the same goal! I actually start enforcing it Thanksgiving Day weekend.

    We did 99% of our shopping online this year as well. We used Reward Points to order cards for our DDs to their favorite retail stores, purchased Kindle Fires via Amazon for each other, and ordered a few other items directly from the manufacturers. Everything got delivered very quickly, and it was a joy to simply pick them up from my front door and take them inside to be wrapped. Kind of funny though - as a result no one knew what they got till they broke open the shipping boxes!

    The only "in person" shopping we had to do was for stockings, but I cheated and used $50 in winnings I received from JCP by diligently picking up their promo buttons in early December, and a $10 Barnes & Noble gift card I received in the mail as an enticement to try out their store. I love when I can leverage these offers and feel I've come out ahead!

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