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It's a Miracle (Plus Cool Blog)

September 3rd, 2012 at 08:29 am

It's a miracle! I think we found a vacation date that works for my work, kids school, my parents, etc. SO, we are trying again for that beach weekend.

I suppose I will use my credit card rewards for the hotel (leaves tons of rewards leftover). The gas will probably fit in our gas budget. Credit card rewards for hotel. Will have some eating out spending, but that is about it. The hotel is on the beach.

I am sure this trip will underwhelm the kids after Florida, but it is what it is. IT's taken like a year to mesh all of our schedules.


My folks came up Saturday and we went to a BBQ at the in-laws on Sunday.

We lucked out because the kids had some insane growth spurt type eating yesterday. They ate and ate and ate at the in-laws. Plan was to come home for dinner, BUT my mom had hemmed my pants and enticed us to stop by. So, when we got there I was mortified the kids ate and ate and ate. & then we fed them a second dinner when we got home. Rolleyes

How is that for planning? Let them eat their grandparents out of house and home. Wink Will see how they are today...

No plans for today, but will probably go to the pool. I think it "officially" closes as of tomorrow. But seems when it is hot sometimes they keep the pool heated a few weeks longer.


LM is doing drama club now. HE actually volunteered to do something! (Another miracle). IT's $150, but it's the only extra-curricular he will do this year. He is EASY.

Him and BM are just such opposite personalities, but it usually works out because BM hogs up the extra-curricular budget and LM doesn't want to do anything. So BM can hog it up all he wants!


Okay, so I am totally digging Mr. Money Mustache blog.

I have probably never even talked about early retirement, because aside from "preparing for the worst/hoping for the best," absolutely nothing about the early retirement genre appeals to me. Probably mostly so because I was raised to love my work and to follow my passions. The idea of hating my work so I can retire sooner just doesn't make *any* sense to me. I don't see "work" and "enjoying life" as mutually exclusive.

So what is amazing about this blog? It is about a guy who retired at 30. & it is more family focused than more early retirement blogs - that is probably the other disconnect for me with the most of them. IT's a family-focused guy that retired at 30. & he did so in the name of moderation. Okay, NOW we are talking. If I read this when I was 25, this might have changed my life. I would have considered it, because the whole thing doesn't strike me as insane, overly risky, or full of deprivation. Even from a biological standpoint, I don't think is is particularly risky.

I mostly enjoy this blog because I can identify with it. I understand it. To some it might sound insane, but I have seen these principles played out in real life. On a Scale of 1 - 10 Mr. Money Mustache may be a 10, and we may be a 5. We largely share the same life philosophies. We utilized this knowledge to have my spouse "retire" at age 25 while I don't care at all about early retirement. Mr. Mustache took it to the "10" level and completely retired at 30 - both him and his wife.

I am going to have to go back and read most the blog posts at some point.

Of note, here are some of the posts that sucked me in (but be warned that there is language):

First Retire…Then Get Rich


**I've been watching our parents stress about early retirement and feel they were way short of their financial goals, while unable to find work in this economy. In the meantime, they are very Mustachian types and their nest egg keeps growing. So though maybe they hadn't met their goals pre-retirement, they will meet their goals in retirement. For my dad this means he was maybe only 50% to his retirement savings goal at age 57, but is 90% there at age 61. No employment necessary. & by the way, he doesn't need the nest egg anyway because it's just one more year to social security. ?!? So though he is 90% to goal, turns out goal was 500% more than he "needed." It's making me re-think retirement. My in-laws are in a very similar boat. This is no fluke - this is just what happens when you get used to living on 1/3 of your income.**


The Shockingly Simple Math Behind Early Retirement


**Again, this is true and I have seen it played out many times. Living on less means not only do you save more, but that you can stretch your savings further. & yes, it's really a pretty simple concept if you think about it.**


Oh, and how could I forget this one?

News Flash: Your Debt is an Emergency!!


**I loved this one. This pretty much sums up the way dh and I are wired when it comes to debt. Which basically sums up why I'd rather work three jobs than run up one cent of credit card debt. & of course, to be wired this way is very unusual in our culture.**

7 Responses to “It's a Miracle (Plus Cool Blog)”

  1. My English Castle Says:

    He is pretty darn funny. I think there are plenty of folks both out there and everywhere that need to read this.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    I read the one about debt being an emergency and it was very good!!

  3. Looking Forward Says:

    I like his writing style. Good find! Smile

  4. LuckyRobin Says:

    Hmm...I'll have to check him out, although I really don't like coarse language. How bad is it?

  5. Swimgirl Says:

    I haven't seen anything with language any worse than a PG-13 movie!

    Thanks for sharing. I've been reading a few entries tonight.

  6. Swimgirl Says:

    Okay, just found an "f-word."

  7. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Drama club sounds like a lot of fun! I'd go with LMs picks. Smile

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