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Credit Card Doings

June 18th, 2012 at 02:16 pm

**Today is pay day - so I can pay off that final Citi card (opened solely for rewards). Woohoo! The balance is more than my paycheck, but I have money in my account already, and no more bills to pay this month.

**On the "refund after month end" deal, I think I will just pay the full 5/31 balance. The return was about $1,000 (it posted closer to 6/10), but I spent $1,000+ in airfare this month.

Anyway, our utilization was insane last month (finished two $3,000 spending rewards in May, plus one return did not process in time) and so I think it's probably best to just pre-pay most the airfare and knock down the balance a bit. I don't think it probably matters at all, but then I don't have to worry about the credit card company being difficult. Our utilization should be back to normal levels too.

Of course, I am relying on a $500 credit card reward to do this without having to move *any* money around. If the $500 doesn't come in time, doubt I will sweat it.

**Still waiting for that $500 check and about $25 in gift cards. As SOON as we get those we will cancel this round of credit cards. Hopefully this week.

I will e-mail Chase to close the cards, but dh can call Citi. Last time Citi kept offering him $100 to keep his account open for 5 more minutes. So I am keeping my fingers crossed for more offers like that!

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