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June 16th, 2012 at 03:42 am

**Got Orlando hotel booked. The place dh and family usually stays at was no longer offered with MIL's timeshare points, so we had to settle for luxury digs with tens of thousands of square feet of pools, waterfalls, water slides, etc. Oh, I guess we will survive! Big Grin The room is 1200 square feet?!?

The quality of these places can really vary. Which usually I don't give a flip because it's FREE. But, it sounds like this will be a seriously luxurious hotel. Too bad we will probably not have much time to enjoy. Too much to see and do. But we do have 7 days, so can fit in some pool/hotel lounging time.

**Kids had A+++ report cards. Okay, maybe next school year we have nowhere to go but down. Maybe that is what I said last year, but our kids continue to be awesome. It's not just the grades and test scores - got lots of compliments on socialness, personality, emotional maturity, etc. I know they have brains (inherently) so am more impressed with the other compliments, personally.

We took them out for frozen yogurt the last day of school (like $10 with coupon) and I will take them to an out of the way play place some time next week. Will be $14. It might as well be Disneyland as far as they are concerned. I decided what the heck. They definitely earned it.

I am a proud mama!

**The week has been very busy with BBQs and pool parties. More to come.

Dh's aunt is visiting from Hong Kong. My sister is visiting from Ohio (she no longer lives in NC). So, busy busy busy. But definitely GOOD busy.

**Oh yes - last night we went to a concert in the Bay Area. We've been going to several lately because prices have actually been within some reason (after many years of no reason). This concert was not cheap, but a long-time favorite local band. So was worth it. We've been hitting more $10 concerts lately. This one was maybe closer to $20/each - lots of FEES. Rolleyes But worth it. I'd have to look up to see the total we paid. Probably $15 + $15 fees. Something like that!! Reliving youth and seeing an awesome band? Priceless!

2 Responses to “This & That”

  1. Looking Forward Says:

    Oh, that free hotel sounds awful... Wink

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    WTG MM's kids! Big Grin

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