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June 13th, 2012 at 03:15 pm

**Hopefully today we can lock in our free timeshare stay in Orlando. I've never been to this condo, but the kids and dh have been there twice (with MIL). Dh says it is VERY nice!

**Today I redeemed a check for $530, from Chase. It's going towards the furniture. I was only expecting $500, and so I believe this extra $30 will bring the furniture purchase down to $495 Total (total cash outflow). Big Grin

**Since the couch is already paid for, we are just depositing the $530 check into savings.

I hadn't mentioned that we just plan to spend the $500 amazon cards. I honestly didn't expect to get it so was thinking of it to spend. Plus, the Amazon is easiest to redeem with Chase (there is not a good cash back reward?). Anyway, I would like to try again for a nice sleeping mat for camping (I have 2 - gifts - not impressed by either). Probably a skateboard for BM for his birthday (probably won't cost much) and dh has a lot of camera accessories to buy for his new camera. I am primarily considering it "camera accessory" money.

Which reminds me, my dad had an extra license on his Adobe software, so once again we lucked out. I don't think we have ever paid more than $20 for the software - and it is really expensive. (I used to have a friend who worked for Adobe and could get us any software package for like $20). This time we got a FREE copy!

The huge amount of retail insanity this one camera purchase "gift" has wrought will probably be insane. This $500 Amazon gift card will make a very small dent in it. & most of it is really "need" to get any use out of the camera. On the plus side, it can lend to an income. The last camera we bought was very expensive at the time, but was paid for by doing wedding videos (like just one or two weddings paid for the darn thing).

But yeah, we are basically not planning to spend any more money this year. It's been totally insane this year. Most the camera accessories will have to wait to 2013. I am just not particularly happy about such a large "material" financial goal. & that is my parents who essentially put this financial pressure on us.

For example, my dh is whole heartedly writing a script right now. & working on a web show as well. BUT, he was not planning to film either of these with his own camera. So thought the gift/sentiment was VERY nice, it wasn't exactly the most useful for the immediate now. BUT maybe having a HD camera will lend itself to more paid work. So I will be positive.

It's not overly weighing on me by any means, but this is just kind of our thought process.

**In other news, LM has $2.50 left in his school lunch account. School is over. How is that for planning?? Phew!

BM is not as enamored with school lunch and has like $30-ish left.

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