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Lucked Out

June 11th, 2012 at 03:55 pm

I threw together a photo book for my parent's anniversary. To be fair, I've actually been looking for photos for YEARS, but only spent the past weekend actually scanning and photo booking.

I lucked out. For Father's Day, the photo books were 30% off, and I found a $10-off coupon to add to that. Saved about $30. Big Grin Which was why I kind of rushed it. Figured I'd get it done and get the 30% off!

The photo book will pale into comparison to dh's documentary on their 40 years. But it is something a little more tangible.

Financially, I believe we are just taking them to dinner. I will just pay for this photo book and not ask my broke sister to go in. Will say it is from us. She traveled; we can pay for dinner.

I had talked to my parents about wanting to do a professional family photo when my sister is here, but they refuse to let me pay for that. BUT, they have a lot of photographer friends, so we might do something.

I was saving up all this money to do stuff, but in the end I might not spend more than $100-$200 (mostly dinner). Oh well! My parents are low key like that - shouldn't be surprised they refuse to let me spend any more. Heck, they probably won't let us pay for dinner. But we will insist!


I basically have the next month off of work. There are days that I will be working but a lot of time off in there. Particularly the next 2 weeks with an out-of-town concert, sister visiting for week, and annual Family Camp trip.

1 Responses to “Lucked Out”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    It sounds like your parents are level headed and think more of the time spent with family than fancy stuff. You did a nice thing with the photo book.

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