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Not Much Doing

June 10th, 2012 at 04:27 pm

I guess I am saturated on the personal finance front because I really haven't had anything to say. *shrugs*

Has it all been said? Wink Oh, I am sure there will be more to say. Just nothing new this week.


I am waiting for $1000 in credit card rewards - should redeem half on Monday and half on Wednesday?


This week is all about BBQs and lazy days at the pool. One down, two to go. Today we are meeting friends at the pool (no BBQ).

Oh, dh and I are working fast and furiously on my parents' anniversary gifts. I am scanning photos (for a photo book?) and dh is doing a little documentary about their married life. Their anniversary is next weekend.


The theme this weekend is "starving artist." I read a really good memoir about the daughter of a writer. I was then watching some profile of artists on Netflix.

I now have a deep appreciation that my husband is not a starving artist. He may come across that way, but he is far too practical, and not near insane enough.

I appreciate his willingness to pursue his dreams, while keeping a firm hold on reality.

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