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First Geocache

May 12th, 2012 at 04:31 am

Today was a VERY accomplished day.

First, we FINALLY got around to our very first geocache. We did two that were right by our house. The first location wasn't quite so pretty (abandoned home lots), but the other location was very nice. It was basically down the street from our home - an area we frequently bike ride.

I can think of several great locations by us to leave one. We will have to think about that, and come up with something. Just chalk it up to one more reason it is so nice to live in both the city and the country. VERY unique. Any geocahce we put out will receive a TON of visitors, but there is so much in our backyard that is so distant from civilization. I've got several locations in mind!!


Accomplishments of the Day:

**Took first week-day off since December. Because I COULD. I was admittedly very busy today, but a quiet 2-day weekend sounds divine, in addition to my busy Friday.

**1st graders had a Mother's Day Tea. VERY sweet, as these things always are. BTW, LM brought home a Mother's Day gift a few days ago, from art class. TOO cute and precious. A ceramic kind of wall hanging thing, but the pictures he used to wrap it were so cute. The kind of thing that would melt any mom's heart.

**Dh and I did some furniture shopping today. True to our history, we are heavily leaning towards the "First thing we saw." {With ANY big purchase - though I don't think we have ever agreed on any furniture before, ever, so this is new!!} I don't know why it always plays out like that, with big purchases though. We will look at 10 options to be on the safe side, but it's always like the first thing we see and like. I want to hit a big warehouse tomorrow to be totally sure, but mostly plan to order it from the first place, tomorrow (we didn't ask them how long on delivery). With our $500 cash credit reward (can redeem tomorrow, I hope!), I doubt we will spend much more than $500 of our own money on furniture.

I mostly feel like, "We should have done this AGES ago." I thought the furniture I wanted would cost a LOT more, but in the end it is cheaper than what we already own. I think it is mostly the economy. We stopped at a couple of other places today that we remembered being WAY over-priced before. At one I found a bed for LM. We might go order that tomorrow, too. Poor kid is seven and doesn't have a bed (just a mattress), so both of these things have been in the works forever. This was the first decent bed we saw - but JUST what we wanted, and a decent price. I didn't really want to spend the money in 2010 with all our medical expenses, etc. & we bought him a mattress sometime, and wanted to spread out the bed purchase a bit. But yeah, it's been a while.

Craigslist was a big dud. Inquired about two items but never heard back from either, though posters continually re-listed. Maybe they should check their e-mail or voice mails. Rolleyes Or do we sound big, bad and menacing? Wink The new prices were comparable to used, anyway. Though we will have to pay for shipping and tax. Well, will try to haggle some of it down. Will also get 3% credit reward, so that helps.


Today I also:

**Tackled many fiscal chores in my side bar (was actually able to do most of it online, so saved a lot of time - guess I could have done all this stuff sooner).

**Got my tetanus shot (overdue, but never see my primary physician, which is where I needed to get the shot. I did go to optometry, OB, and surgeon last year, but never able to get a shot during those appointments). Feels good to get that done!

I told the nurse that was *easy,* like my husband said it would be. She acted like I was CRAZY. Admittedly, arm is very sore now. But easy easy shot. Glad to be done with it though.


Oh, my HMO sent me a $5,000 bill for dh's MRI. Not even worth getting upset over. He called today just to be sure. They obviously treated him like he was "uninsured" again. ??? Seems they should get that straightened out - very annoying!! {They told us $1100 - and that is in the ballpark of what they usually charge}.

Oh, and he gets his results in like 2 weeks. ??? All we can figure is "No news is good news." Admittedly, dh did not e-mail his doctor. I certainly would have. I think this is bull crap. It's never taken more than a couple of days for them to get back to us- even on the last few MRIs which showed absolutely nothing. On the flip side, it is quite obvious they have nothing to report, if they can't bother to send him any results for 2-3 weeks. So, all we can figure is that no news is good news.

3 Responses to “First Geocache”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    When I got my tetanus shot last month it was a breeze, too, but then I had a sore arm for a few days and a not at all sore lump under the skin for like 10. But the shot part was easy peasy.

    We tend to lean towards the first thing we see, too, when furniture shopping. Maybe because what we like the best catches our eye first. Well, not the brilliant purple sofa when we were bed shopping! Big Grin It was pretty but I couldn't have lived with it.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    We went furniture browsing last weekend and thought things seems less expensive than we remembered. Not sure the economy has anything to do with that. I know furniture has one of the biggest markups around. Enjoy your shopping!!

  3. wowitsawonderfullife Says:

    I love geocaching! I hope to set one up too.

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