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Credit Card Doings - Double Dip is Official

May 9th, 2012 at 04:28 am

**I think the Chase closes in 2 days. We were thrown off by airfare refund, BUT I made a couple of donations and dh got gas and groceries, etc.

Today it hit me to just put the rest to a health insurance prepayment. (Not sure it will clear in time - DOH!). But I only needed about $130. I prepaid $150. Thus, we don't have to wait another month for our $500 reward. Might get it this week!!

**I decided now was the best time for the "Double Dip" attempt. Dh got an offer that expires next month. It's for a Citi card he applied for reward and closed - last year.

WE decided now was a good time since we have a few large purchases. We need to spend $3,000, and I am expecting a large MRI bill. We may also buy some airfare and/or some furniture. So, what the heck. At least I won't feel too put out if they give us trouble for double dipping. {I don't expect it will be a problem at all though, since Citi always bends over backwards for dh}.

Another $500 reward - woohoo!!

**I applied for a "one purchase - $150 cash reward" deal that I got in the mail.

They did not approve me online - said they would get back to me. !!! I don't see why I wouldn't be approved, but will see. I'd generally hold out for something bigger, BUT I have not applied for one reward this year. & it's nice that it is an easy one.

Fingers crossed!


**When we are done with Citi, I still have my eye on one more reward that dh has not done yet. I will start keeping an eye out since the deals seem to come and go - will jump on it if I see a big offer. (Or maybe he will get a personal invitation one of these days? I think it is one he did 2-3 years ago?)

2 Responses to “Credit Card Doings - Double Dip is Official”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    Sounds like you may hit your double-dip spending point before me. Curious to see if this works!

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    Duh - I totally forgot the fraud alert on my credit reports. I guess that precludes *instant approval.* I am usually so mindful of that, but just totally forgot.

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