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A New Week

April 15th, 2012 at 08:16 pm

I got my salmon!

It was $8.99 per pound (good price) and I got 1.11 pounds for $9.89. So it ended up being 100% free (with $10-off coupon).

I also bought eggs and bananas (breakfast staples for moi).

& I was checking the online coupons and found a coupon for 88-cents per frozen pizza - Celeste brand. These are *really* good. I will keep them at work. Anyway, so I got five pizzas for $4.40.

April 15:
Groceries: $9.62
Dinner: Sweet & Spicy Salmon, garlic butter rice


We try to slowly increase our culinary capabilities by just adding new skills - slowly over time. This week I am working on sweet potatoes. We seem to eat them all the time (out, etc.), but I have never bought one or baked or cooked a sweet potato.

SO, "frugal foodie/rob" had an interesting recipe recently, and I asked dh to pick up some sweet potatoes. He picked up a whole bag. I dug around online and found a very simple recipe for baked potato wedges (took me a while to weed through the "pile on tons of sugar recipes" - which are good,but now what I am interested in for our regular diet!). I also found a recipe for sweet potato hash. Says "good with salmon" but I didn't want to cook all day. Wink But maybe will make some time this week.

I also looked for a new rice side dish and found garlic butter rice. I will link/share these recipes once I try them.

The kids and I are going to enjoy the gorgeous weather today, and then I will be cooking this afternoon.


This next week is going to be a BIG crunch week at work. Got tons of other deadlines (post tax day) coming up and dh has plans in San Jose next weekend. Unfortunately they have plans early Saturday and late Sunday, so it is an *all weekend* thing. I can't go unless I make huge progress at work this week. If I can swing it, the kids and I will go to the beach on Sunday. That makes me *very* motivated!

That said, if I am stuck with a quiet weekend at home, that won't be so bad either. I will survive. (I shouldn't have to work that much next weekend!)

7 Responses to “A New Week”

  1. patientsaver Says:

    $8.99 a lb would be on the high side here. I've been seeing it at $5.99 a lb lately.

    I love sweet potatoes. The best/easiest way to cook them, I find, is simply to cut them in wedges and then roast them with a little olive oil and rosemary. Delicious.

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I love sweet potatoes Smile Today I had a super large one - no toppings - just baked. I put my oven on 375, wrapped it in foil, then went to the school for 2 1/2 hours. When I got back, my potato was ready and waiting for me. Big Grin Yummy!

  3. Monkey Mama Says:

    I found a recipe with butter and cinnamon, but we figured we could skip the butter next time. Using foil is a good idea (as far as sticking). Seems obvious, but I hadn't thought of it. But yes - after baking them - they were clearly would have been yummy on their own. Though I will say the house smelled *divine* with the cinnamon. So the cinnamon stays! Big Grin

  4. SicilyYoder Says:

    My God-Mom made sweet potato pancakes with mushrooms last night. She said that they were really good. I cna get the recipe, if you'd like me to. My God-Dad is diabetic, so he eats sweet potatoes instead of the white ones. I love the smell of cinnamon.

  5. Monkey Mama Says:

    Sure - I would love the recipe!

  6. LuckyRobin Says:

    I love sweeet potatoes. One of my favorite ways to make mashed potatoes is to do one sweet potato to every two regular potatoes. It makes the overall potatoes sweeter and eliminates the need for butter or gravy. You just have to get used to the idea of your mashed potatoes being more orange than white or yellow.

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