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March 18th, 2012 at 09:28 am

**Dh was out of town for the weekend, so we decided to be lazy and order in pizza (he doesn't much care for our pizza choice - plain old pepperoni - so when the kids mentioned I thought it sounded good).

Then I picked up sushi on a whim - our grocery store has fresh sushi - so yummy!!!

It actually worked. New tradition? LOL. Though we'd have to buy twice as much sushi if we got some for dh. It went in a flash.

The pizza place is just down the street, by the grocery store, so we picked it all up. I suppose we could have been a lot lazier and less frugal by having it delivered.

Oh but I did order the pizza online - I loved that!

**Tax season has been a typical low spend/high income time of year for us. It's always a nice start to the year. I've got 6 more weeks of *busy* to go, though maybe only 4 more Saturdays. Will see...

Only four more weekends? I think it will go by in a flash.

In the grand scheme of things, plenty busy, but seems a low-stress, "things going smooth" kind of tax season. Which is good, because not sure how I would survive otherwise. VERY busy!

**We've made no big plans for the year yet. I suppose we will see how things shake out after April, financially.

We do have a beach weekend planned in May (very excited!)

In June, my sister is visiting, my folks have their 40th anniversary, and we have family camp the week after that. So, that will be a busy couple of weeks.

We keep talking Grand Canyon - I've never been - so maybe this year should be the year. We have absolutely no plans otherwise, but we'd all be content just to stay home and go nowhere. Which is a very likely option. (Excepting camping trips, hikes and beach visits of a local nature - plenty to keep us very content in our own backyard).

**Oh yeah - I went to Target to return some pants that were way too big for BM. Holy heck - what a zoo! Thankfully the return line was short and sweet. Dh later told me, "I could have done that for you." Really I should have had him do it - not sure what I was thinking. Target on a Saturday? I guess I was thinking, "I will just stop by on my way home some day - save some gas." I suppose I usually hit Target early in the morning - then no one is there. So I found it shocking.

2 Responses to “This & That”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Oh I'd definitely suggest checking out the Grand Canyon if you never have been there. It really is a treat, and your boys are getting old enough to where they probably would appreciate it too. Smile

  2. SicilyYoder Says:

    My son loves pepperoni. Mom and I enjoy mushroom. I make my own a lot, but I LOVE Papa Johns.

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