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The Plan Takes Shape...

March 14th, 2012 at 12:55 pm

**Tonight I really need to buckle down and pick our next credit card reward. & get signed up. Back in the game!

**I sat down and worked mortgage numbers on the new mortgage loan.

We will continue to pay old payment, and only need an extra $400 (one-time) to "pay more principal than interest" on the new loan this year. Consider it done - our first payment will be $1,000+ to principal.

Our secondary goal is to pay off $10,000 per year. IT took so long to finish the refinance, that I am just making that a fiscal year goal. IT doesn't really matter either way because will likely pay off $100k in less than 10 years anyway. Since I just paid a couple of thousand of refinance costs, I am happy to leave any *extra* payments beyond what we have been paying anyway, to our 12th payment on this mortgage. It still basically achieves our goal, but works much better with our cash flow to put it off a few months from our original plan. I had hoped to be there by December 31, but April 30th sounds just dandy to me!

**Which leaves our IRAs. I maxed them out today - for 2011.

This is not a goal we have achieved much in our young lives, because usually our IRAs are more *gravy* in addition to more substantial retirement plans. But we are now "plan-less" and it's all we got.

So, is deifnitiely way more of a priority these days.

Since I do not need any more cash to achieve our mortgage goals the next 11 months or so, our primary savings goal at this point is to max out our IRAs on a calendar years basis. I could achieve it today - I could probably moreso achieve it after April 15th. (Meaning, could add another $2500 or so to put us on a calendar year schedule). BUT, for now I am just going to hold on until December. A lot of stuff in our house has been breaking, and I feel it is going to be one of *those* years. If things settle down, or we receive unexpected money, this is our #1 new goal to achieve for 2012.

1 Responses to “The Plan Takes Shape...”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    Yes, I need to get back on the credit card rewards. I feel antsy only earning the regular 1-5% rewards now that I'm used to the good stuff! Big Grin

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