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Fingers Crossed

March 6th, 2012 at 12:58 pm

**Fingers crossed that we made it through the bottle neck. Loan lady told me we close within a week, assuming all goes well (which should because as she said, "your loan was so clean and easy - I don't foresee any issues.").

I think next week is the busiest week we have had in a lONG time - so it figures we now have to squeeze in a loan signing too. Rolleyes It seemed kind of obvious that would be when it happens, but I really didn't expect it to go through so fast. (Of course - so not holding my breath, either...).


**Concert last night was awesome.

It was so funny because I was mentally gearing up for all the smoke, drunk people, late night, etc. {Thinking I am getting old for this. Not *too old* - but old - I don't think I have been to a concert in a few years, and certainly not a night club type concert in many years. Outside a few no-name bands where there is no crowd - have several friends who play in bands - usually no one shows up to their shows. Wink }. But this place was REALLY nice. I know smoking was banned indoors ages ago but doesn't mean you don't get a heavy dose of weed and cigarette smoke every time you do to see a band indoors.

So, we get there and it's a lounge with a few tables scattered around. We see an empty table right to the side of the stage and take it (Figure either no one wants to be off to the side, or more likely no one saw the table, because it was close to a pillar which was blocking the view of the table). So we got there early enough to snatch the table, and I was relieved I didn't have to stand for 4 hours.

Oh, it gets better. So there is like a good five feet between us and the stage, and I kid you not, all night people would kind of wander over and be in our way, and then they would notice us, get apologetic and get out of the way.

Then they wrapped up at 11:30 and it took us like 5 minutes to get home.

& I didn't smell any smoke whatsoever - after 4 hours of sitting in the club. What the heck??

We are so going to become regulars at that club, I can tell you that. It was so much nicer than I expected. I don't know if they had some noise curfew or what - 11:30 seemed awfully early compared to what we expected.

& the bands were GREAT - so was a good show.

Anyway, I told dh, "have we just never gone to any clubs around here?" Since when were grungey concert goers so polite? What the heck? *I* would have stood in front of those lame people sitting in the back. LOL. I mean, unless we had like a weelchair, I think it's fine to expect people in the back to stand up if they want to see. Especially if there are only a handful of seats, anyway. It was a "standing up" concert, for the most part.

So, not only did we have seats, we had "right in front of the stage/awesome view" seats. Big Grin

We got free parking, and I bought a $2 soda to help me stay awake.

Definitely a very nice date with the hub! Reminded us of our youth, somewhat. But getting older, I really appreciated how nice the venue was.


**Dh's folks came up to babysit the kids, so we did corn beef and cabbage for dinner (a little early for St. Patty's Day). It was funny though because dh wanted to make it with company so we wouldn't have piles and piles of leftovers, and the tradition is his parents usually cook it anyway. BUT, the in-laws ate like birds and there was not one drop of food leftover.


**On the strictly financial front**

--Told dh I was thinking of updating my crappy stock car stereo with so many major financial goals met this year and some extra money in the bank. But what I primarily wanted was the ability to play my MP3 player. (Extra so, since my single CD player doesn't work well at all, lately). So he found an adapter I can plug into the cigarette lighter for $16. In fact, it was free because he had a $20 credit at Amazon (from other purchases/deals). I think that solves that!!

--Transferred $50 to my ROTH today - credit card rewards. Will definitely have another $50 on April 1.

--Bought two pairs of pants for work - Kohls online - free with credit card rewards. OF course, got some coupons, free shipping, on and on and on. I had gotten a *Really nice* pair of pants a while back so decided to buy a couple more - luckily they were on sale.

--I've still got about $50 Kohls and $50 Barnes and Noble rewards leftover from last year's credit card reward bonanza.

2 Responses to “Fingers Crossed”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Glad to hear the concert turned out so well!

    What a great inexpensive solution to being able to play your mp3 in the car!

  2. Looking Forward Says:

    The concert sounds like fun. You and MonkeyDad need to do things like that. Smile

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