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February 22nd, 2012 at 03:50 am

**Tax misinformation in the news is going to make my head explode today!

I just read an article that might as well have been gibberish - it made absolutely no sense. ??? Be careful what you read. (Granted, taxes are complicated, but makes me feel like the news is making me dumber. What other misinformation is filling my head that I don't know is misinformation?)

Mental Note: I will try to pass along useful/good articles on the subject of tax. There are not enough hours in the day to become a tax educator blogger and I am not interested in that anyway. But I can mindfully pass along good articles when I come across them.


**Got the new dishwasher installed. Woohoo!

They tried to tell dh he owed another $20 for the hoses or whatever. Rolleyes Oh, that stuff does *not* fly with him.

He handed the installer a $20 (to get the dang thing installed) and then immediately called Sears and asked for a refund. He got it. {Well, will credit $20 to our credit card - I Won't rejoice too much until I See it}.

They said it's true, but the website should have added it to our total when we ordered it. So they cut us a break.

**The rebates on this thing are interesting. I was also feeling duped when I tried to complete rebate form, because we didn't qualify because we don't have an electric water heater. Seriously?

The funny thing is dh and I were arguing about that because we have SMUD (city) for electric and PGE for gas. So he told me it was a SMUD rebate. I said it was PGE. He said it was SMUD. I said it was maybe both or either/or, but in the store there were "PGE rebate stickers" everywhere. Rolleyes

So we failed SMUD which is where we get our electricity. Why on earth would PGE give us a rebate, we barely pay them anything, just for hot water? (In regards to a dishwasher?). BUT, I dug deeper after the SMUD rejection and PGE just says we have to use them for gas or electric. *shrugs* Okay. A $50 rebate will pay for 2 months of our gas bill.

It's funny because the Energy Star rating is all about water and electricity. I didn't see anything about the gas usage it would save. So, basically, no real rhyme or reason to these rebates. There never is and I shouldn't be surprised. When you try to cover a wide variety of scenarios, and cast a wide net, people will always slip through.

**Apparently new washer used about 50% the water of our last one - they were both Energy Star, but the technology just keeps moving on. (We couldn't find any indication of how much electricity the old one uses). Actually, when looking up the rebates I saw Kenmore and Bosche by far had the least water and electricity usage. Wasn't my angle, but I will take it!

**In other news, I saw that ATT is paying out $1000 per person in a class action settlement to customers from about 10 years ago (landline).

Several things of note:

--I didn't hear about this. You can't win them all I guess. But I Am mourning the loss of a potential $1000. Yeesh!

--They didn't have adequate records, so decided to advertise the settlement. IT is possible I saw it and A - didn't want to bother for a couple of pennies or B - thought it was a scam. C - I just never saw the ads (apparently I Am not alone).

--I keep receipts and records for a VERY long time, but frankly don't know if I could have produced any proof I was an AT&T customer like 9 years ago. So, oh well! {& I suddenly don't feel silly for holding onto some of that stuff???}

3 Responses to “This & That”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Wow - I think I signed up for that one -got a postcard in the mail a long time ago. I wonder if I've moved too many times since, and it hasn't caught up yet. That would be some awesome payment for a few minutes of filling out a form. Big Grin

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    I was going to dig out the link, but I don't think that was it - the article I read said nothing was mailed to anyone. They put ads in the newspapers and google, and I think it was only for California customers.


  3. Frugaltexan75 Says:

    No problem. Smile I think the phone co I had in97/98
    Was bought out by AT&T later (I lived in CA then). The one I'm thinking of though was sent to me a few years ago, so most likely a different one. Smile

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