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January 11th, 2012 at 12:59 pm

**FINALLY remembered to give the teachers their gift cards. Doh! I am sure they were very surprised. The kids whipped up some "Happy New Years" cards with printer paper, Tuesday night. I taped in the gift cards, and they seemed to have reached their destinations.

**Set out a bag for charity today. We keep getting these bags that will say "pickup this Tuesday." But dh will bring them in, and by the time *I* notice them, lord knows which week it was for. So, I got a bag that said "Wednesday, 11th," for pickup. & I actually remembered. Phew! I have no idea what charity it was and don't really care. If they will take my crap off my front door - they can have it. This time of year they seem to be coming by weekly. This is one reason I never buy trash bags. They leave giant plastic bags at our front door every week. I find them to be useful.

MIL had given me some used clothing that the kids didn't need (they have way too much as is). So, I just set that out, some outgrown toys and clothes I had accumulated a while ago, and a thrashed car seat. Well, the cloth cover was thrashed, and it was cheaper and easier just to replace the whole seat. I figured maybe someone could use it. OF course, they maybe will just trash it. I hope not, but I just wanted to be rid of it. IT's just a booster seat without any padding (I tossed the ripped apart fabric).

MIL gave dh a double stroller to sell. I offered to set it out, but he said he would try again. He has already tried to sell it a couple of times. I'd be happy just to be rid of it. IT would be one thing if he hadn't of tried. Since when were stroller buyers so picky? Probably one of the nicer ones we have tried to sell. Usually that stuff sells in seconds. Which I am sure is why he wants to try again. (We've bought several used/old strollers and turned around and sold them for the same price when we were done. We were just asking $20 for a much nicer stroller that had been bought new and barely ever used! Could be price was too low?).

I've got some more fragile items I tried to sell in the past but since they didn't sell easily I don't really care. I should bubble wrap those and get those ready to just donate next round. If I can post something up and sell it real quick, I sure as heck will take the money. But once it gets a pain to sell, there is a point where I just want it out of the house.

**Oh yeah, there was an old print cartridge that has been a permanent fixture in our hallway for 1-2 years. I keep asking dh to take it to the school to donate. Everytime I bring it up he plays dumb, "You never told me." Well I think we have had this conversation 10 times??? Good Lord. I finally gave up and just brought it to work to recycle here (co-worker will take to her child's high school to recycle).

I still need to figure out where to take hand-me-downs to school clothes closet - the clothes remain (2 shirts???) where the printer cartridge was. I would have probably used the clothes closet this year because I will be able to drop off outgrown kinder clothes for the first time (& would like to exchnage for 4th-grader wear for next year). But the clothes closet has been very unorganized this year. No one seems to know anything about it. I saw it at a mandatory parent meeting - there were a LOT of clothes. But no one said it would be there, I didn't have my shirts to exchange, and it threw me off. I could get over it if I had the time and mindset, but I don't think most parents wanted to be digging through the used clothes in front of everyone. I'm not sure I really wanted to, either. But I will be mentally prepared for next time. My glimpse of the clothes tells me that my "I will save it for people who need it, until I can give as much as I can take," was a useless gesture. I should have just taken the hand-me-downs. Or maybe that was just because no one knew how to get the clothes this year, and so it has piled up quite a bit!

2 Responses to “De-Clutter”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Maybe you do have stroller priced to low. Worth another shot at a higher price...then definitely donate. I also have limited patience with most things I try to sell. Generally, two times max and then donate.

    The last state we lived in sent out those bags. They don't do it here and I miss it. Although, I'm two minutes from a Goodwill, so I won't complain too much!

  2. My English Castle Says:

    Wow--I'd love those bags--and I suspect I could halfway fill one every week or so.

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