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November 18th, 2011 at 03:03 pm

Well, Citi did absolutely nothing to make me warm up to them.

I e-mailed them to close my card today, and it was literally closed within one minute.

The only reason I know is I then went to plastic jungle to sell some gift cards, and they asked me for a credit card #. To verify my identity. Rolleyes I was aggravated, so decided to use the card that would be closed by the end of the day. Except it wouldn't work and just caused problems. I checked my e-mail. CLOSED! ALREADY!

Dh called and closed his Citi card. They begged him to stay, but decided to stop giving him cash rewards for stayinng just one more month. They didn't offer anything useful. I am just glad to get the card closed.

Not sure what it is but they were like kissing dh's feet the whole time, and offered him the moon. Me? They just put up with me and are happy to be rid of me. So, just leaves me annoyed. I believe that is the only Citi card I ever had. Chase - sure - I am no longer banking with them in any capacity (no more chase credit cards), but they did shower me with rewards and give me everything I asked for. It bodes well for the future - if they ever have a credit card that fits my needs, again. Citi? Meh. Who needs them? It probably pays off in the long run to have a little more customer service. Even if it means no difference in the short run.

That said, besides messing up my plastic jungle scheme (to not give them a REAL credit card number), I do appreciate how fast and simple it was to close the card. Easy Peasy!

I'll e-mail Chase tonight to close dh's 2 remanining Chase cards.

Tomorrow I will mail all these gift cards to Plastic Jungle - they will mail me a check for $182 in return.

All that should be left is to redeem my AmEx Gold rewards in about one month time, and close that card too. It's the only one-time reward card that I (and dh) should have open by the end of the day.

Usually the only *annoyance* factor for these schemes, for me, is having to close the cards. (Keeping them open would be infinitely more time consuming and annoying. I prefer to kill the card once reward is redeemed - never have to think about it again. Ever). With these e-mail systems, the *annoyance* factor is virtually eliminated. Which makes this super crazy easy money. Didn't even have to sit on hold with the credit card company. Reminds me, AmEx even let me activiate my card online. NO SALES SPIEL. Love it!

1 Responses to “Citi”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    I've never liked Citi and that goes back 22 years, when I was working full time and going to community college full time and earning scholarships so I wouldn't have to rack up college debt. All of my friends who were going to the university instead and were not working jobs and had taken out student loans were getting Citi cards left and right, and there I was with an actual income, no loans, no rent as I was living at home, and a year of credit history under my belt for having paid off my Sears and Penney's cards consistently, and they wanted nothing to do with me, because supposedly community college students were inferior (even though the majority of them transferred after two years with higher grades). Go figure.

    So you, of course, who make a decent income, are ignored while they beg at the feet of your DH, who is a stay at home parent. Sounds like business as usual for Citi to me.

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