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Amazon Redeemed

November 18th, 2011 at 07:08 am

Amazon redeemed themselves a wee bit.

Dh had called to complain about them shipping everything so flipping late. PLUS, after he called, they showed everything as shipped, but then there was no movement on it (on the tracking). We strongly believed they slapped labels on them but they were still sitting in a warehouse.

So I was griping about all the ways Amazon was being really annoying this past week or so.

THEN, they called dh to follow up on his phone call. They asked if his problem had been resolved. Dh said no, that they had been very nice, but not really of any help. SO, the guy says if he can't track down his package, he will overnight another kindle fire.

So, I guess Amazon redeems themselves.

In the end, dh found out the package was actually in San Jose, last night. Not sure if they called back or if his tracking updates. IT's already out for delivery, so will get here today. Plus, should get our parent's kindles and everything.


I also received all of our gift cards yesterday. I will mail out $200 in gift cards to plastic jungle today (in exchange for cash!!). I am stashing some Amazon gift cards for Christmas.

Today's chore will be to close credit cards. I have one to close - will do by e-mail. I will have dh call Citi and I will e-mail dh's Chase accounts. (No point him being on the phone all day - I have the login info).

I charged $1000 on my American Express. When I pre-paid the health insurance, AGAIN, I realized I could just pay whatever. So I made the amount exactly what I needed to get to $1000. I was relieved to see the statement closes 12/15 or so. I expect the payment won't be due until January, which means this is not really a pre-payment. Well, I suppose it might be due by January 15th whereas I usually pay that the second half of the month. But that is much easier to arrange than paying a month early again. So, phew. Hopefully I can redeem those final rewards by 12/31. To get to $4000 for the year!

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