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$1000 free gift cards officially redeemed!

August 26th, 2011 at 03:53 pm

I know - I need to add a new category for "credit card rewards." I should do that. I went on a balance transfer binge a couple of years ago (0% balance transfers - take the cash - invest in FDIC-insured CDs at high rates). So, this isn't the first binge I have been on for free money.

Anyway, I just redeemed the Southwest rewards - $500 Amazon gift cards.

Annoying part was with Citi (which didn't have Amazon G.C.s) you could redeem other gift cards for $100, and even more. But, with the Southwest rewards, they only come in $50 increments. So, I had to order 10 gift cards. Oh well! Beggars can't be choosers...


No word on trying to apply for dh's expired direct mail offer (in my own name). Generally, Chase takes a week to call me and verify my identity (fraud alert on my credit bureau accounts). So, no surprise I haven't heard anything. This one was a Citi card - not sure I have ever had a Citi card. I assume they will call and verify my identity in a few days time. (No outright rejection bodes well?)

I haven't applied dh for the Southwest card yet - going to hold back and bide my time a bit. Let's see what else comes along.

For one - I just paid off 3 credit cards. I set them ALL up in my online bill pay, and paid them all off. I will double check the payments clear, get my rewards, and then work on closing them all. Would be nice to get that all done before I try to juggle new cards.

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    nice Smile

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