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August 19th, 2011 at 01:20 am

I've been meaning to take dh's car in forever for new tires. Lord knows how old the back tires were (maybe 6 years old?), but they don't seem to wear down very quickly. So, we just replaced the back tires. (Front tires were replaced exactly 2 years ago).

I had been meaning to do that forever, but we keep pushing it off since it is not urgent.

It's been maybe 18 months since we have had any service but an oil change. So, we had them look it over (check brakes, fluids, etc.). Damage = $225 or so. Not bad!

Still no brake work needed. I am absolutely in awe of cars these days. If we buy a newer car every 10-15 years, it's always a whole new world with each new car. This 2001-2005 technology blows me away. There is also an element that we are extraordinarily light on brakes up here (primarily drive freeway - no traffic). & the landscape is very flat?


IF the theme is cars, I just got the first smog check request for my vehicle. I had no idea that new cars aren't required the first 6 years? Something like that? We bought dh's car in 2002, so you think I would have figured it out. Maybe just didn't notice since we tended to keep our cars hers/his before kids. Now it's whatever makes the most sense to drive for any given purpose.

Anyway, I was bummed that my van is now indoctrinated into the smog check routine. Dh will take it in for me, but will probably be a good $50.


My vehicle has also been extraordinarily low maintenance of late. I don't think I took it in for anything but an oil change in 2010 or 2011 thus far. I was tempted to just drop it off today when we picked up dh's car - have them look it over to. But, I will just do it next month or so.


Dh's car has been getting terrible gas mileage (compared to usual), but one tire has had a slow leak for AGES. I am presuming the new tires will solve that problem. I haven't been the best at keeping up with the tire. So, I am glad to not worry about that any more.

Anyway, crossing my fingers that solves the mileage problem.

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  1. Looking Forward Says:

    Lucky you! I don't want to talk about vehicle repair costs this year! Smile

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