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Tax Discourse

August 17th, 2011 at 12:46 pm


Unfortunately, I can't link the blog post I wanted to - specifically. So, scroll down to August 1.

August 1 - Tax Complexity: Why?

"It is no secret that I find the complexity of the Internal Revenue Code to be unjustified, oppressive, counter-productive economically, and the consequence of politicians creating new provisions rather than expanding existing ones, because the former is more advantageous to incumbents concerned about the source of their next campaign funding dollar."

"The Portfolio analyzes tax provisions that pump money into economically distressed areas, an approach that began in the 1990s as Congress chose to ignore direct grants that constitute spending and decided to use tax breaks that are, in effect, spending, though the beneficiaries of these provisions and their Congressional protégés refuse to treat them as spending and thus consider any reduction or elimination of these tax breaks to be tax increases rather than spending cuts."


Since everyone was talking about that little tax piece from Warren Buffet (Stop Coddling the Uber Rich?) - I thought I would share this as additional reading (after reading some of the discussions around the web this week).

Yeah - there is a lot of big words - and maybe some tax stuff you never heard about - but it makes a big point.

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