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July 30th, 2011 at 05:14 pm

I am sure everyone goes through this on some level, but I had the luck to grow up in an always more popular area - which means old buildings are torn down and new housing is put in every single chance given.

Anyway, my dad sent me a news article this morning that said the skating rink where I grew up is closing. TOMORROW. That, by itself is sad. But, then there is the inevitable "The building will be razed and 100 single homes will be built." Something like that.


They already tore down the music store my middle school teacher owned, where I learned to play piano, and where I taught piano through college. That was hard. Now when I drive by all there is are houses.

Both these places mean about as much to my childhood as the house I grew up in and the schools I attended.


I had already committed to a no-spend weekend. & I wasn't thrilled with the idea of being spontaneous to go there one last time (had been meaning to take the kids for ages).

I was also planning to work tomorrow.

BUT, on facebook, I saw a childhood friend was in town and might go there with her kids today. It's not anyone I was overly close to, but went to the same school grades K-12. Our high school was so huge, there will never be a reunion. This is the best thing I got. There may be others there.

So, I e-mailed her and asked what time she'd be there. Will consider it from there. Looks like we might be VERY spontaneous. I'd invite my dad along, visit my folks for dinner, and then drive back because I need to work tomorrow. Dh got *the virus* and I took some time off work this week to run the kids around, etc. So, have to make up 3 hours or so this weekend.

I am not going to bother if no one I know is going. I think I am more intrigued by the reunion factor. I'd probably rather remember the place as I did in my childhood. So, will see...


I went to aerobics this morning and was craving a smoothie the entire time (Was hungry!). My smoothie maker has been a bit finicky lately. So I kind of set it aside a few weeks ago. I decided to give it a whirl today - had frozen strawberries, watermelon and bananas. Plus some yogurt and juice. Ah - hit the spot perfect! Smoothie maker was very well behaved today.

I will probably put one on my wish list for Christmas. A nicer one. This one was real cheap - but does so much better than a blender (in my opinion). Then I don't have to be too rough on our old/cheap blender. Anyway, I bought it when I had intense cravings for fruit during my last pregnancy. I don't really care much for fruit, plus it wasn't exactly the kind of calories I needed to sustain a pregnancy (all I wanted was FRUIT)! & so I bought the smoothie maker and started making yogurt smoothies to cure my cravings and get adequate protein and calories. (I had made smoothies before, but didn't want to put my blender through that every single day!).

Now that I know it was a great investment and we use it all the time, and since it is not working up to par any more, I am ready to invest in a nicer one!


LM qualified for a focus group. Sometimes the kids get money, toys, or both. Today it is just a toy. But, it is his first focus group, so will be interesting. (BM has done several).

It's funny how it all kind of ebbs and flows. I don't think dh or I have done one paid focus group this year. BUT, the credit card rewards have been REALLY lucrative (& far less effort)! It's just funny to me how when some income streams are slow, others speed up.


Work aside, and spontaneous trip aside, we had little planned but to lounge by the pool all weekend. So plan A is lots of driving and reunion-ing today. Plan B is a low key lounge by the pool weekend. (Work and focus group duties both over by noon!)


ETA: Did not go, since heard line was out the door! Will stick with the no-spend weekend.

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