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July 30th, 2011 at 03:04 pm

Dh is usually immediately approved for ANY credit card offer. *I* usually have to wait for a call (Fraud alert on my credit bureau accounts). That said, I am getting kind of aggravated at Chase for checking my identity every single time. I am a current customer with a current account using the same address, etc. To be fair, my account was very inactive when I applied for the last card. But, this time I am just aggravated. Seems overkill to me! (It would be one thing if I applied under a different address and e-mail).

{I've personally never found any one to ignore the fraud alert - maybe that is more of a department store practice? I don't know - you always hear that credit card companies don't care or pay attention - but my experience has been opposite - kind of overkill}.


Since dh is already an *authorized user* on my Chase Freedom, and he wasn't immediately approved, I thought we might have to call and beg to get this card. Big Grin

So, I Was relieved to see the approval today! Was one whole week.


That's a $200 cash bonus.

I am still waiting for approval on the $500 amazon gift card bonus. Which at this point is most lucrative - aside from the $500 cash I got from Chase. I will also find out in a few days if Chase is going to give me another $500 for the Sapphire.

I still haven't heard back from Citi on the annual fee that they shouldn't have charged me. If nothing else, dh should be up to calling Monday. But, I like correspondence in *writing.* Not that it means much to some credit card companies. But, still feel a little more substantial than another promise over the phone!

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