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July 27th, 2011 at 01:42 am

**Just found out family friend was laid off from AAA after 12 years or so. Job outsourced to India.

My dad has been struggling with unemployment most of his 50s. But, he is well prepared for early retirement, and doing just fine.

It hit me when my dad mentioned to another friend that this guy is 60. We were bemoaning his fate and how ill prepared he is for unemployment. But, for whatever reason, I compartmentalized him as much younger in my mind. When my dad said he was 60, it was just like, geez.

My dad and his friend could probably hardly be more opposite, financially. It kind of changed my mind from "poor guy," to a slight "tsk tsk." His situation was entirely preventable, really. Forced retirement at 60 is probably tough for most anyone. But "hardly a penny to my name" at 60, is pretty riduclous.

Will be interesting to see how it pans out. I won't be surprised if my parents end up helping him out.

I just read unemployment is ticking up. I see it, as I have several friends/relatives/acquaintances getting laid off from LONG TIME jobs - in recent weeks.


Check out this article:

Text is and Link is

The Help-Wanted Sign Comes With a Frustrating Asterisk:

The unemployed need not apply.

Really, really obnoxious and sad.

I can't really complain about my lot, but reading this, it looks like the odds of my spouse returning to the workforce any time soon? Pretty slim. It's ugly out there. Of course, I am far more worried about friends who have been out of work a long time, etc. But, yeah, it's just UGLY out there.

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  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    I was already weary from helping someone in a hard spot make it through the day. When I came home and read that article, I felt so defeated, yet I'm not even one of those affected. I was also thinking about how so many people who do have jobs are being asked to work so many extra hours to fill in for those who've been let go. This time around, salaried people are especially working long, long hours in places where they had not previously done so. Not only is everyone afraid to lose a job, they are afraid they will never work again if they do get fired, so they work 80-90 hours in a week. We are acting like a soul-sick people.

  2. PNW Mom Says:

    Obnoxious and sad is right! Frown
    How utterly depressing and discouraging for those who are unemployed. Wondering how those at those companies who post this kind of crap sleep at night?

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    That just disgusts me. It is discrimation plain and simple. I doubt very much that if I were in the work force that I would want to switch jobs to a company with such gross discrimination.

  4. ceejay74 Says:


  5. Miz Pat Says:

    This doesn't suprise me. Employers can't help but feel guilt, so they handle it by pushing away those who make them feel guilty. Its sick.

  6. Looking Forward Says:

    On another topic: Have you started reading the fifth book? I am wondering if I can hold out long enough for it to come out in paperback. Big Grin I am SO loving the story!

    As I read I wonder how GRRM is going to end this series. I hope he hurries up and gets the next two books done quickly (or doesn't die before he finishes!). I figure he'll have to be faster now given that HBO will need the material in a few short years.

  7. MonkeyMama Says:

    "As I read I wonder how GRRM is going to end this series." I've heard rumors... Big Grin
    No - I haven't started Book 5. My dh has the hard copy and is hogging it up at the moment. I will probably buy the ebook, but just haven't wanted to make the commitment yet. I know I should soon, since I just finished reading book 4 a couple of months ago. I want to read it while everything is more fresh, but don't feel in a hurry since lord knows when Book 5 will come out.

  8. Looking Forward Says:

    I have a few guesses at where the plot might go, but there is still so much (2 more 1000+ page books) to go. And in some characters I have no clue what their end will be.

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