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July 26th, 2011 at 03:40 am

Nope, I didn't change my mind and go camping. But, the fam did go without me.

Sounds like they had a blast.

From a frugal standpoint, doesn't get much cheaper than a camping trip. But look at that amazing beauty! This is just a couple hours from our home - in the Sierras.


I can't believe that summer has only 2 weeks left! I kind of equate summer with slowness, because work is pretty quiet this time of year. BUT, I suppose it's nice not having to deal with *school* stuff 2 months of the year.

When the kids are older, we might appreciate the short summers, but for now - it just goes by way too fast!

Seeing the pictures reminded me that we promised BM to go back on that big hike by family camp. Probably something we will do in September. We have time this weekend, but after being so ill for an entire week, I hardly feel up to anything like that.


Next weekend will probably be a *take it easy* and stay close to home kind of weekend.

Weekend after that we are planning a little vacation in San Jose. Nothing really set in stone - but several things we want to do. Maybe a day trip to the beach, or a hike. A day at the water park, etc.

Our anniversary is 2 months away, so we should probably think about booking a room in Napa for that weekend. Was what we decided to do (something different and pretty close to home). Well, I better start figuring something out!

Heck, our Napa trip is about 2 weeks before our So Cal trip. Best get that figured out, too.

2 Responses to “Camping”

  1. PNW Mom Says:

    Is your summer short because your kids start school in mid Aug? Around here kids get out around June 15th and go back day after Labor Day. I like it that way as in the Pacific NW, June weather can be dicey and it's nice they don't start back until later so we can enjoy some real summer weather even in Sept. Our "summers" typically (weather wise) don't start until July 5th Smile BTW....beautiful picture

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    More like the first week of August! The school takes a LOT of time off for the teachers to collaborate, etc., so they make it up by only taking 2 months off for summer.

    I am used to the mid-June to Labor Day summer (no school), personally!

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