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Credit Rewards Update

July 23rd, 2011 at 07:08 pm

**Hit $3000 spending on the Chase Sapphire. Closes in a week or so - will see if I get my points on that statement.

If I get my check, will donate $250 to school and add $250 to the mortgage.

**Hit $600 on the Citi card (need $1000 or $2000). I think I will just aim for $2000 to keep it simple. (Dh got a $1000 offer in the mail after I applied - but it's easier to just stick with the $2000 than to deal with a cc company which may or may not honor anything they tell us!)

Anyway, I just set up the health insurance to pay on that card next month. Which means I just need another $700 or so. Probably will hit it by mid-August and be done with that card.

Reward = gift cards galore.

**I just applied for a Chase Freedom in dh's name. I already have one, so easier just to apply in his name to guarantee approval. But, we only have to spend $500 to earn $200 cash back. EASY MONEY. IT may pail in comparison to the $2000 or so I am expecting from our 3 other cards this year, but in the grand scheme of things, it's not so often an easy $200 reward like that comes along. I'll take it!!

Will probably put the $200 to the mortgage.


No, we have never opened up so many credit cards in such a short time, for rewards, in our lives. This year has been unreal. I am usually only in the game for more rare/lucrative cards. Maybe once a year or so, on average.

Still wondering how much the competition will heat up and if there will be more for the taking in 2011.


{CAVEATS - we tend to charge most our bills anyway (so we don't have to do anything extraordinary to meet purchase minimums), we ALWAYS pay the balance off monthly, and our 800-ish FICOs seem unaffected by semi-frequent card opening and closings for cash rewards. Once one-time rewards are earned - we immediately close those credit cards. I was blessed to be taught how to handle credit cards versus just fearing them. That said, I don't recommend utilizing these deals if you can't treat your credit card like a debit card, or if you have to rack up expenses that you wouldn't otherwise. Then, it's no deal...}.

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