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July 16th, 2011 at 01:38 am

Well, the only reason I agreed to spend $150 on a magician for the kids' party is it was a super cool magician that we were super excited to invite to our private party.

So, I hadn't gotten any confirmation and nothing in the mail (as he said he would send), so I Called to confirm the party time (Wednesday) and make sure he had the correct address.

He called me back and left a message all was well. THEN, called back Thursday to say he had a scheduling problem and would not make it. He was sending some other guy (who looks like no amateur). He left a message about this. For reference, we are pretty easy to reach. He happened to call when I Was on the phone at work or something, both times.

Ugh! I was so annoyed, and then he didn't call back for 24 hours!!! So he called and left a message today that the show would be free. MEanwhile, party is tomorrow.


I honestly thought he was joking at first, when he left that message. I am so aggravated on so many levels! It's 5pm Friday night and we still haven't talked to him so I GIVE UP!!!! I had initially wanted to make clear we didn't hire *a magician.* We hired *the magician* and he has some really upset kids. Wondering if he could just come later or whatever.

But, no word, and so I give up. I ordered a bounce house rental. I now have this fear that no one will show. Not happy at all with the experience. Will probably never hire another private entertainer again.

So, we could have delighted with the free show (which I can look on the bright side). BUT, I have to get some backup entertainment. I don't want to figure out how to entertain all these kids if no one shows.

Plus, I am sick today. Am worried I will be sick tomorrow. All the more reason I *need* to keep it simple.

Anyway, all the above said, it is only supposed to be about 80F degrees tomorrow - which is about 30 degrees cooler than usual. This is probably the only bouncy house the kids will ever get, accordingly. I don't even think they'd rent to us in 110 weather - it would be like an oven! I will save $50 over original plan, in the end. & will (maybe?) get a magician and a bouncy house. I can look on the bright side when I Feel better!

Bounce house place - I was able to reserve online at 5pm, the night before. I even found a coupon code for $10 off. The kids get 8 hours of bounce bliss. So far, so good with that! Is a positive turn of events.


OF course, to top off my day, I am sure some co-workers are rolling their eyes at my Friday sick call today, but I feel like hell. Someone called me and woke me up around 1pm from my office - for something VERY non-important. !!! What the heck?? The family was gone watching Harry Potter and I had turned off the ringer in the bedroom, but I think subconsciously I was keeping an ear out in case the magician ever called back.

& yesterday just really sucked all around, so I am pretty cranky!!

Hopefully tomorrow I can report back that the party was super awesome, and who cares about that magician anyway!

5 Responses to “Ugh!”

  1. SnoopyCool Says:

    Hope you get both tomorrow! That would be awesome Smile Good luck.

  2. North Georgia Gal Says:

    Hope you feel better soon! And that the party goes smoothly.

  3. Looking Forward Says:

    By now I hope you are feeling better! Big Grin
    How was the party?

  4. MonkeyMama Says:

    Not really feeling better - no - so very MIA.

    I hear the party was GREAT! (I wasn't able to attend - was mostly praying to the porcelain god).

  5. Looking Forward Says:

    Oh No! Frown

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