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Hanes Update + Credit Update

July 14th, 2011 at 11:59 am

So, I e-mailed Hanes July 4th to ask for 20% discount towards an order that I placed just hours before their big "20% off site-wide" sale on the 4th.

(Mental note: Never shop day before big holiday?)

So, I didn't hear anything.

I kept thinking:

#1 - That I really should call them. That they may ignore my e-mail, but I may get farther on the phone.

#2 - That I have been spoiled by Amazon. (Last time I live chatted a Zappos rep and got an immediate discount applied - and it was in reference to a return that I hadn't even returned at that time).

Apparently, laziness paid off.

Yesterday (9 days later???), I got a reply that my account was credited.

Thing was, it wasn't.

About 24 hours after I got the e-mail, the credit showed up on my account.

My AmEx card shows credits in process, but apparently Chase doesn't. It never showed up "in process" - just showed up as a finalized transaction today. TO be fair - maybe it had been credited when they said it had.

Anyway, so though the customer experience leaves a little to be desired, I saved myself $5 with one simple e-mail.



In other news, I am starting to drown in credit cards. Big Grin

Usually, when dh and I sign up for one-time bonuses, we just get one card in our name - stuff like that. Since these bonuses were so HUGE - we had to spend a little more to get them - so put each other as authorized users on each card.

I currently have like 8 credit cards sitting in my *dead* pile. Dh's old cc he never uses, 2 sets of Chase cards I need to close eventually, and our regular AmEx (2 copies) which are on hold until we earn our Citi bonus. (Is that 7?). Plus we both have 2 credit cards in our wallets?

I don't think I've ever had this many credit cards at once before. Yeesh!

They will mostly be closed, cut up and gone, soon enough. Just want to get my rewards first!

1 Responses to “Hanes Update + Credit Update”

  1. Petunia 100 Says:

    I hear you, I am drowning in credit cards too! Some I won't cancel just because I have had them for awhile. My oldest credit cards (dating back to the mid 80s) were Mervyn's and Gottschalk's store cards. Since both businesses are now bankrupt, my cards were cancelled. I get dinged on my credit score a bit because I don't have any open accounts more than 7 years old. But some of them need to go!

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