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Odds & Ends

July 6th, 2011 at 09:47 am

**Got news that property tax assesments were released. (I always forget about that - so glad I saw).

Assessment went from $270k to $263k. Something like that.

First - a decrease in taxes is GREAT! That is a $70 annual reduction.

Second - For many reasons, I decided to use tax assesment for net worth purposes - value of home. So, yippee - I don't have to fight a large decline this year. My net worth may go UP this year? Imagine that.

Interestingly, I think assessment has been on low side, since decline (no complaints as far as tax bill) but feel it was pretty spot on this year.

For the record, I wouldn't be surprised if values sunk *much* further. I've mentioned how home prices have stagnated/kept afloat with large percent of 0% - 3% down payment programs STILL available, large number of cash investors from outside the area (& outside the country) AND maybe most importantly all that phantom inventory (tons of homes in default and in foreclosure but not listed for sale very promptly). Banks seem to be heavily controlling supply, whereas MANY more homes should probably be up for sale at any given time. I think there is largely an element of "there is only so much you can do to keep up with the avalanche" - regardless of any sly motivations. As a homeowner, it's good. As a home buyer, I personally wouldn't be impressed with the inflated sales prices.

We still maintain 25%-ish equity - which is where we started out. Lost some value, but have paid down some principal this last decade.


**On the Chase - we only need to spend $160 more to complete our reward. I haven't filled up the van since camp, so when I fill that up - and next grocery trip - that will do it. Probably within one week.

Perfect timing. New Citi cards should arrive any day. Will switch to that one probably as soon as it arrives. Easy peasy.


Chimichurri Shrimp


This is what we had for dinner the other night. It was pretty good.

Like the one reviewer, we skipped the grapes, and felt it was a bit too much rice. But, it had an interesting flavor. Oh - no need for instant rice since you just add it in the end. We just use regular rice in those instances. IT almost seems easier to throw it in the rice cooker than to go through all the "instant rice" cooking.

I am actually not a huge fan of shrimp, but liked it. I suppose I can handle very flavorful/salty shrimp. & regardless, the rice itself was a meal. I left most the shrimp for the boys.


**4th of July was great, and we feasted very well. Today I am eating the last of the hamburgers for lunch.

I brought the shrimp/rice to work today - to cover for tomorrow - and in case I didn't have enough food today.

Friday I have my first continuing education webcast. I am going to attend it from home. (NO GAS or wear and tear). I am excited about that.

Since we have so many leftovers, not sure when dh will cook dinner again? For the best - he apparently ended up spending almost $70 on food for 4th of July. BUT, we probably have enough food to get through 10 more days. So, works out.


**It's cake season.

LM requested chocolate cake with melted hershey chocolate "frosting." This week - for his birthday.

BM requested red velvet cake - which is a new one. Dh found a box mix for it though - so there we go.

I like the funfetti mix + mini chip frosting, so will probably do that for the party. Cupcakes. Plus, will probably have leftover cake to get rid of at the party. Might work out well.

I admit dh bought a lot of cake mix/frosting along with the 4th of July groceries.


Today should be last day of heat wave. Phew!

Anything can happen, but weather looks perfect for upcoming Six Flags day trip. Woohoo!

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  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I like how BM thinks. Smile

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