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Quiet Weekend

June 21st, 2011 at 01:24 pm

The weekend was quiet, and very nice!

Lots of reading, lots of kids playing in the backyard, and lots of vegging by the pool. We also made our first smoothies of the year.

LM has remembered all of his swimming skills. Just took some time. Still not overly strong in the water, so would still like to do lessons. "When?" is the question. Maybe some time in July. But in the meantime, I am glad to see it all coming back.


"Vacation Plans" for this week? We are FINALLY making it to the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. First, it is expensive. Two, it's usually crowded beyond belief. Three, it's kind of a pain to get to.

BUT, we are making the trek this week. Going mid-week since it should be a little more bearable with the crowds.

In the end, I found a 20% off coupon code, and it really isn't that expensive when all is said and done. Almost 20% off for getting tickets online, so maybe paid 40% off the initial prices I looked at a while back. Phew!

On the flip side, gas is adding up very quickly with driving logistics. We are pretty much taking a huge detour south to pick up my dad - and have to drive the van, accordingly. But, may save us hours of sitting in traffic - so may work for sanity. I am hoping we can just drop my dad off at the train and drive straight home. We haven't discussed that part yet, but will work it out. Driving him home too, still beats meeting him there - traffic-wise.


I finally looked at my calendar and worked everything out. Signed up for all my continuing education seminars, etc. & then narrowed down when it made sense to take vacation time.

Chose a day between the kids' birthdays where we will go to Six Flags on a week day. They've got free tickets to use up.

I narrowed down one week that would work for a trip to So Cal. Maybe the last week before school starts up.

If I do so, that makes all my vacation days as time off with the kids. But, I did have 2 weeks surgery recovery (kids in school) where I laid around and didn't do anything. So, I think I can forego a vacation of REAL down time. I usually look forward to a little quiet time at home.

I had already requested a week off in October (with the kids) since it is the only week they get off during the school year that I can get off. The rest being during tax season and all... So, I suppose that can be a bit of a down time-y type vacation. We were thinking road trip, but the weather has been so wacky. IT was kind of an iffy time, and who knows how that will pan out. If we do a road trip, we will probably wing it. It would also be nice if the weather was nice enough to camp, etc. (versus freezing cold). Since camping could really keep our costs down. I don't think we will really know until the time approaches. Of course, it just occured to me that a Plan B could be to drop off the kids with Grandma a few days, since that is like a week after our anniversary! We could maybe do both - road trip with kids + weekend getaway alone.

So, who knows. But, it feels good to have all my dates planned out. I like looking at all the time off from "work work" on my calendar. Big Grin January - April is *work* 6 days a week. & the rest of the year really averages about 4 days a week when all is said and done. I've got all these Mondays and Fridays off for seminars, for one. & we actually get holidays the rest of the year. & then there is all the vacation time. Ah, MUCH more relaxing!!


If you noticed my side bar, summer really did arrive. 100F+ degrees today. This is the June I know and hate! Eh, it's not do bad. It's the summer I know and am used to and why I don't see why working is such a big deal. What else am I going to do from 9-5 but hole up indoors anyway. With the A/C! Outdoor activities resume in the evenings and in the early mornings when it is bearable outside.

The kids have been going to the dirt cheap city day camp, but are sitting out these three-digit days. I've never been thrilled that it is outdoors, because of our ultra hot summers. Why I never signed them up before. But, still is a good deal if we only take them on cooler days.

1 Responses to “Quiet Weekend”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Sounds like you have everything well planned! Happy first official day of summer!

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