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May 26th, 2011 at 12:38 pm

Chase took their sweet time, but I got approved.

Fraud department called Sunday to verify my identity. Was starting to wonder if they would even bother, since I applied for card through existing account online. Same address, same name, same phone #, same internet login.

I've applied for several cards/refis, etc., since ID theft. I have not found any one to ignore fraud alerts. If you ask me, was a waste of time and effort on Chase's part - in this instance. Wonder if accounts of "lenders ignoring fraud alerts" are way over-blown.

That said, I haven't applied at the likes of jewelry stores, home improvement stores, and the type credit cardsthat the ID thieves applied for and maxed out in mere minutes. Maybe these are the lenders not doing their due diligence.

Anyway, I logged on today and saw the card had been approved. Should arrive any day. I am on my way to $500 free dollars.


Finally got a quote for magician for birthday party. $150. Probably about the most I'd consider paying. Of course, occured to me there may be room for haggle. Then again, July was already filling up. I haven't set a date yet - waiting for a call back. I just wasn't thinking WHEN I talked to him. Over the phone. Sometimes you get more haggle cues when you see the body language of a person, etc. I am NO expert, but can kind of pick up on that stuff. In person, anyway. Apparently not over the phone.

He did say July was already filling up, and we think he is AWESOME, and so I'll probably just leave be. If he was newer and more hungry would be another thing. He seems to be popular and not in need of more advertising. A lot of the time we have found people will give us a discount if we "tell all our friends" about them, etc. I don't get the feeling this guy needs that kind of word of mouth.

Anyway, the interesting thing is since he is also a school teacher, he was telling me he does way more shows in the summer. So we have more time to work with. Lucky kids!

How excited are the kids that this guy is going to do a private show for them??? Priceless! We saw him at a public event a while back. Just completely hilarious, and right up our alley.

I did wonder what I got myself into when he said "indoors was better," for the birds and rabbits and all that. Oy vey.

I panicked a bit at first. Big party for 2 kids - IN our house? & then what to do for other entertainment. Decided most older kids will be dropped off (I HOPE) and that food, presents, and a 1-hour show is probably ample. Stragglers can play video games or board games. Will probably just make cupcakes and order some cheap pizza. Magician aside, will be pretty simple. & even then - we just pay him and he shows up. My kind of party!

Interesting observation? Not ONE mass invite kinder party this past year. ??? I think almost everyone in BM's class 2 years ago did. & of course, all the parties are over the top. From since the kids were born - over the top. We never did much of anything until last year when we had the party outside of the house - completely taken care of - was a nice change of pace. I told the kids to plan for more modest parties if they plan to split up. It's up to them, but they seem keen on pooling resources for bigger/fancier parties. When I told them I could get the magician - it was decided. One party. EASY for us. (Their birthdays are a few days apart - and they have several joint friends).

So anyway, what's with the birthday party drought?? I can't help but wonder if people skip the parties altogether, rather than do something more simple? Or are just sticking to family and close friends? Oh well - no complaints here. LM only wanted to invite one or 2 kids from his class, anyway. Works out.

BM had no class parties either. His closer friends have July birthdays, so it may be a busy month. If no parties then, will really wonder.


ETA: Magician does not budge on price. He gave me an opening to ask, but when I played along, he told me he could recommend cheaper magicians. LOL. Well, at least I tried. You just never know with these things.

9 Responses to “Approved!”

  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    At least you tried to get a better price!

  2. ceejay74 Says:

    Yay, AS and I each got our new Chase card in the mail today! If we play our cards right (heh), should get $1000 in a few months.

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    It sounds like the boys are going to have a great birthday party. Smile

  4. MonkeyMama Says:

    ceejay - awesome!

  5. dmontngrey Says:

    We got our cards (one account - not as ambitious as ceejay) Monday. This will take some getting used to. The card is HEAVY! As a result, it doesn't swipe like we are used to. It's just weird. Road-tripping this weekend, so it will get a workout. Wish we had it a week ago when we plunked down $1000 in vet bills. Frown

  6. debtfreeme Says:

    I was approved as well. I checked my account for something else, and there it was!

    I hope the physical card is in the mail tomorrow. I'd like to charge all expenses for the next few weeks and earn the money as soon as possible.

  7. dmontngrey Says:

    DH just used his card at a convenience store. The girl said the card was weird and at first she thought he handed her two cards. It's an attention getter!

  8. MonkeyMama Says:

    @dmontgomery - Hmmmm. Interesting!

    I still haven't gotten mine. Was hoping to charge health insurance this month, but is due Tuesday. Will probably just charge it early in 3rd, instead. I don't expect I will get it until next week, with fraud alert delay.

  9. baselle Says:

    Vacations aren't very restful when you are out of town fighting traffic and spots with a few hundred thousand other people. I love staying home because its restful quiet when everybody else who "has plans" is gone. Big Grin

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