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Busy Saturday

April 30th, 2011 at 02:03 pm

How did my quiet weekend get so busy?

**Paid all the bills today. When I focused on other chores I completely neglected any fiscal chores. No biggie - and it only took about 15 minutes to pay all the bills for May, etc.

Made good progress on several financial goals this month. Over half-way on all savings goals, etc. (Getting extra income this month, helped there!)

The cash infusion means I can top off all my savings accounts. I think some have fees for inactivity - and I haven't kept on top of all that. I have a couple of accounts with $300-ish that I will just round up to $500. I will put a whole $5k back in my Ally account (my mini-emergency fund). Then, the balance in my Alliant account is pretty much long-term savings. It will simplify things. I had paid some property taxes out of Ally at some point, or something, and there was no rhyme or reason to the balances. I didn't want to put more money back in there since the interest rate was low, but now this will simplify things a tad. Being able to just look at my accounts and know that one is strictly for emergency - the rest isn't emergency funds.

(I usually just track total dollars - not separating money. If interest rates change dramatically I may prefer to chase higher interest rates. For now, this will do - all my accounts are paying about the same).

**Work is a little crazy. As much as I was looking forward to getting my weekends back, I don't find it a big deal in the least to work a few hours on a Saturday. I usually go to aerobics, work for 3 hours, and get home by noon. Aerobics just relaxes me and makes me very productive. SO, I hope to clear some stuff off my desk.

I remembered regretting taking a 3-day weekend IMMEDIATELY after April, last year, because I felt so swamped. So, this year, I chose the second weekend in May. I am starting to regret that too. Someone gave me a big project yesterday I spent all day on - like I am not WAY crazy behind on everything else. During April clients are more forgiving, but in May everyone wants everything yesterday.

**Soccer sign ups are this weekend. We can sign up another weekend, but looking at our calendar I decided I better get that all taken care of today. Doesn't start for MONTHS, so I am kind of annoyed to commit to that today. BUT, BM wants to do soccer again.

And so my Saturday turned from lazy to crazy.

All in all, a Sunday home with no plans is something that I haven't had in MANY weeks. So, I will survive. Wink

I'll probably fill out all the paperwork (soccer) while I am at work, and send dh and the kids off to deal with that when I get home. So *crazy* might end at noon, for me.

These Saturday mornings hardly feel like *work* - it will be peaceful and I can get so much done without the interruptions. Will make next week easier. Heck, maybe I can leave early Friday if I get ahead of the curve. I just want to get out from behind!

2 Responses to “Busy Saturday”

  1. snafu Says:

    MM: Have you noticed that inflation is now banging on the door? Gas is up 35%, beef, pork, sugar, fresh fruit and other food stuff costs are increasing with every trip to the store. We are told to expect serious increases for electricity this summer when folks in hot climates turn on AC. The tragedy of tornadoes this week will force house insurance to escalate as the insurers have long lost their profit stream from CDs, Bonds and other short term saving vehicles.

    I wonder how to tell you that you are losing money on your savings which is exacerbated by paying inactivity fees. Ally, Alliant et al pay paltry sums, while your buying power is quickly eroding. Would you be willing to run the figures of another financial choice? I know a good Index MF would have returned 8% in the past few months. A good ETF Resource fund increased astoundingly since spring 2009. At much higher risk, the increase in Precious Metals would have paid for my new [to me] car. These funds are easily sold, 2 business days for the money to show up in your linked checking a/c should the money be needed.

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    Sorry, but nothing and no one is going to talk me out of my savings.

    Have you noticed unemployment? I just read that Sacramento, where I live, has the highest unemployment in the entire country. I am not surprised. My savings is there to save our butts in case of job loss. Inflation has nothing to do with that.

    For me, I would be nowhere near where I am today without cash savings. So, I don't see the point in changing my strategy - it has worked just fine.

    A good index fund returns 8% some days and loses 50% some days. Not an appropriate vehicle for "rainy day cash." My cash is FDIC-insured.

    P.S. I have never paid a fee in our cash savings. I believe there is a fee if I am inactive for a year, but that is VERY easy to avoid.

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