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April 27th, 2011 at 08:32 pm

I didn't mention all the STUFF I hauled up from San Jose this weekend.

My parents are re-modeling their home. (Pretty much re-painting and re-carpeting the whole house).

We had gone over to pick up the treadmill, as expected.

But then my mom offered me several items I wasn't expecting at all. She gave me these 2 framed pictures that I have always admired (& joked that I would steal some day). She also offered me several other items which I declined. I also noticed she had taken down a quilt I always admired, and asked what she did with it. She gave that to me too!

I suppose it is easier to give some of this stuff away when you know you can visit it any time. Wink

In addition, I Was offered my old disco ball. Don't remember where it came from. Probably left at my parents' house because they had a good room for it. I am thinking of giving it to BM and putting it up in his room. But due to his rambuctious nature, maybe that should wait several years. (He'd find a way to get into trouble with a big ball hanging from the ceiling!).


All in all, it isn't so bad. This morning I cleaned the quilt in the wash and hung up the two pictures. I moved another picture from downstairs to upstairs, to make way for the new pictures.

I think the quilt will go nice over the back of our living room couch.

I've still got plenty of white space on the walls, so we have a long way to "clutter," I suppose. It really wasn't a re-cluttering, but I didn't expect to bring home all that stuff, all the same.

I also got a pile of soap and corn dogs - that were no longer needed by my folks.

Saturday I cleaned out dh's car (it was an awful mess). Vacuumed, but no scrubbing. IT could probably use some scrubbing.

This morning I got around to vacuuming the van out. Dh can put the seat back in when he returns home.

Tonight I have in mind to file papers away.

& so will end my little time off to myself. Tomorrow dh is coming home and he has a big date night planned. Probably movies and dinner. Our budget may only allow for movies (already paid for - some groupon or living social deal). Will see where we are at with the money this month. We probably both need gas, and if he wants to do a big grocery run... I think the groceries can wait though - since kids won't be back until dinner Friday. All I ate is salmon all week - haven't even touched the leftovers yet! I think we can survive with what is in the house and get groceries on the 1st, or later. Will see...

Anyway, no huge progress on chores. But, absolutely nothing planned all weekend, so hoping for a decent amount of spring cleaning.

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  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    Okay, the "pile of soap and corn dogs" made me laugh. An unexpected combination.

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