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April 24th, 2011 at 03:19 am

Kind of funny, but dh's most favorite holiday is definitely Easter.

If you knew him, you would never guess.

He of course spent about $50 on Easter stuff. Rolleyes

Besides my initial "WHAT!?!" reaction, I don't have much more to add. He is pretty easy to please and doesn't spend much money. If that is his pleasure. I just wish I would remember - it surprises me every year. Obviously I should be used to it by now!

That's probably more than we spend for them all year, or birthday, or Christmas, so I have to let it go. Let them be spoiled.

I think he enjoys having a holiday where no one else spoils them. His mom hogs up Christmas/Birthday pretty good. Easter is mostly his turn to go all out.


Anyway, today was long and exhausting. Track meet ALL DAY, packing kids for next week, chores, etc.

Tomorrow should be pretty nice. Look forward to seeing the family and all that. We will eat well.

In the evening, dh and I will have a date to watch Game of Thrones.

For most of the week I get the house to myself. Not sure if I will laze around and do nothing, kick start my spring workouts (get back in the swing after winter and busy season), or do some spring cleaning. I'd like to do spring cleaning, but won't be surprised if I collapse and do absolutely nothing. Just depends on my mood.

I'll have to fend for myself. Was thinking burritos (lots of leftovers) and salmon (since no one else really cares for salmon). I will probably turn fresh salmon into 2 dinners, so that will probably carry me through.

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  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    Sigh. I would like to laze around and do nothing, But alas, always work to be done. Still in crunch time, at least for yet another month.

    Easter has definitely turned into a gift holiday. In the move, I managed to misplace the two small bubble-toys I got for the boys, so I went out to pick up a couple more tonight, and the store was jam-packed with frantic parents with carts full of candy and toys. Bizarre.

    But hey, I agree with hubby. Easter is fun.

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