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Lots of Driving

April 22nd, 2011 at 03:32 pm

I think I am done working overtime for the year. Phew! Tones of deadline stuff, but I forgot how easy and mindless all this stuff is compared to taxes! Whipped through a pile of work this week, and that was moving at an "I am over tax season" slow/tired pace.

Which is good because really no time to work this weekend, anyway. Figured I'd come in Sat. afternoon tomorrow and a couple hours Sunday morning if need be. Glad I don't have to do that!

Anyway, re-adjusting to the change of pace at work. 40 hours a week always feels like a vacation to me after tax season.


I found another good lunch deal. It's funny because I found a Togo's that is a little out of the way. I've worked here TEN years, but found this Togo's when I first started working here. Some of my co-workers had already been here 20+ years, and always asked, "Where did you find Togo's???"

So the other day we were driving down the main street by my work and dh points out a Togo's - "How long has that been there?" he asks. It looks OLD. Like it's been there for decades - a really old sign.

So all along I've been driving way out of the way when there is one right down the street? I told dh I felt stupid, but obviously no one in my office knew it existed!

Last time we were there I saw my favorite sandwich is on special on Mondays for $2.99. For now, anyway. I keep forgetting, but will have to remember one of these days. One small sandwich = two meals for me. I usually keep half for later.


I am not sure how the next week or so will shake out. I think April has been low-spend, overall, but I am still flying pretty blind with not being able to download my transactions into Quicken (Fidlity credit card), and too busy to manually enter things. I added up the gas/groceries the other day just to see where we were at. Which is mostly the part I am flying blind on. We always write down the misc. stuff since our buget is so limited for anything extra.

Anyway, the gas will not be good this month.

Tomorrow - drive 120 miles rount trip for a track meet. Taking the gas sipper, of course.

Sunday - drive 250 miles RT for Easter. Have to drive van because picking up treadmill. Ugh!

Monday - Dh is driving 130 miles RT for his little retreat. He said if his friend drove he'd give him gas money. I told him if his friend drove that would be nice because he was providing free shelter. !!! They are staying at the family cabin to work on some projects (without distraction).

Dh will probably drive 120 miles, at the least, to pick up the kids later in the week. I just remembered that part. Yeah, I really hope his friend drives!

That said - since we are getting a really nice/new treadmill, for free, it's not so bad. Any gas budget overage I will probably just pull from savings and consider it the cost of the treadmill.

Also, food costs may be on the low side with the kids (bottomless pits) gone for a week!


It's a bummer because all of the activities I had planned in May/June are pretty drive-intensive. May have to re-evaluate and find more to do closer to home. There were several hikes we wanted to do, etc. I also wanted to go to Monterey and San Francisco. Usually no big deal, but these gas prices are getting ouchy!

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  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Prices seem to have somewhat stabilized here ... though still FAR from good prices. I'm really hoping that they won't be going up very much, since after this week I will be doing a LOT more commuting for a few weeks.

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