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2 More Hectic Weeks

April 13th, 2011 at 08:32 pm

It's ironic, because this week is going kind of slow for me. The franticness has gone down a notch. But none of my clients (or friends) want to bother me because they think I am so busy.

Anyway, as of yesterday, I am DONE! All the April 15th (er, 18th) stuff taken care of. I have a record low number of clients on extension. No idea why. But, it's pretty nice.

I am trying to get through the piles on my desk, then see what else has been pushed aside. It will be busy here for a while with April 30th and early May deadlines. None of which I have mad ANY progress on. So I am not exactly relaxing! Then there is all the "catching up on our regular work" which keeps us busy well into summer.

Anyway, BM has track meets the next two weekends and we are going to the Bay Area for Easter, so I don't see a "down day" in my future for a while. I will probably need to work this weekend, and won't have any time to work the following weekend. Easter will be fun, but I prefer more down/quiet time.

Next week I will choose my 3-day weekend for May. I usually take a Friday off in there, to celebrate the end of tax season. 3-day weekends feel like a full week of vacation after this craziness. & I will have two 3-day weekends in May!


I told dh that this was officially the easiest tax season ever. With both kids in school, I hoped he'd agree. He did, but said last year was pretty easy too. I guess we didn't expect much of him after surgery. No wonder this year seems so easy. Big Grin

I think my own surgery significantly shortened the usual "4 months no break" that tax season becomes. For me, it's been about 3 months no break. So I am not as exhausted as usual. Plus, I get the strong feeling my co-workers were easy on my since I had surgery.


As such, I don't have any pent up splurges in mind. Usually we have a nice dinner out or something to celebrate the end of tax season. I told dh I would be easy this year. I want a REALLY nice bottle of champagne because I have conquered quite a few ongoing/neverending issues at work in recent weeks. I mentioned in a recent blog. Plus, hopefully we are done with all this medical stuff. I told dh I had no desire to eat out, but that I just wanted a nice glass of champagne. We can toast the hope that things will settle down a little bit.


All that said, the family is leaving me for 4-5 days. The kids have 2 weeks off of school, and dh is doing a "retreat" to work on his scripts. I think he feels this is his last hoorah to get some projects off the ground, or give up and get a "Real job." We have long talked about him going back to school and/or work come fall.

Anyway, so I will probably put in some BIG days at work and have an inordinate amount of peace and quiet at home. Next 2 weeks may not be so hectic after all.


Well, we got some interesting news on the medical front.

Dh is due for another MRI. So, he calls, and learns his Doctor retired LAST WEEK.

Since he should no longer need surgery, it shouldn't be too big of a deal. I am trying to be positive that it will be good to get another point of view or opinion, and switch to a local doctor to monitor things.

I also feel extremely blessed we were able to have this surgeon do dh's surgery. A year later, and maybe he couldn't have. !!! & it had taken years to diagnose him - so I do feel blessed we got the chance to have one of the best surgeons. That we didn't have to travel more than 90 miles or so to have one of the best surgeons around. Phew!!!

Anyway, I am not sure when his MRI will be (probably not scheduled yet), but crossing my fingers for NO NEWS. He's still a very valid candidate for cyber knife (a radiation procedure). We just have been dragging our feet on that. His last surgeon really recommended it, but we wanted some time and space before we went down that road again. The side effects can be really similar to surgery, and we kind of felt it was best to heal and see how things go. Rather than add more swelling/problems, etc. immediately after a seemingly succesful surgery.

So, will see what any new surgeon's opinion on the subject is. & hopefully we like the guy we are referred to. We may have to shop around a bit.

It's bad enough our *forever* dentist retired and we have to carefully find a new dentist too. Rolleyes What's up with that? People retiring all over the place... A dentist is just a dentist, but I have had a lot of trouble finding one that wasn't extremely scammy. Just thinking about it stresses me out. & now I have to add brain surgeon to the "awesome retired people to replace" list. Ugh!

2 Responses to “2 More Hectic Weeks”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I feel your pain about getting a new dentist. Why do they feel more like salesmen than medical professionals?

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Enjoy your quiet time. Smile

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