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April 10th, 2011 at 04:40 pm

I'd eventually like to buy a nice treadmill and elliptical machine, and drop my gym membership. That's all I really use. That said, $15/month versus two nice pieces of equipment (don't want to buy crap) + two rambuctious children means this was not anywhere in my near term time horizon. Our gym is a steal.

In addition, my parents did buy a REALLY nice treadmill. I had my eye on it but figured it would be a while before they let it go.

The time came quickly. No one uses it but BM, so they offered it to me. They've maybe had it 2-3 years. (I initially thought they would tire of it in 5+ years).

I'll take it!

Will probably pick it up Easter weekend. Trading the kids for a treadmill (they are staying with the Grandmas a few days). IT won't be 100% free since we will have to drive the gas guzzler to pick it up. But all in all, a steal!

I have no idea where to put it. We have 3 TV-less rooms where it would fit. I may even have room in my bedroom (has a TV). But, I would be most likely to use it early in the a.m. while dh is asleep - so rules out the bedroom.

I think we will just put it in the main living area and see how it goes. Kind of an ugly space taker, but it seems to be the most useful spot. Will see how it goes. Second choice is a bedroom upstairs. I can close the door and not disturb anyone. It might end up in there in the end - just not TV watching while treadmilling. Anywhere downstairs may be too loud for the people sleeping upstairs - it's all open and the sound carries up. Will see...


I am still back on forth on the screen door for our front door. I suppose I don't have to custom order it, but the big doors run $300-$500. A regular door could be had for $100-ish. I just find that really annoying! Add $200 just because it is a foor taller???

But as I am crossing off expensive things from my "saved for the future" list, it is becoming more tempting. I think we will just shop around and see what we can find. I don't think I will feel it is worth $400 or $500. IT will have to be the *perfect* door. So yeah, will look more seriously than we have in the past, but my expectations are low.

I need to find where to get a deal on these type doors. The prices I have seen are at the big box stores.

4 Responses to “Free Treadmill”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Too bad I can't send you my elliptical ... Smile It is just sitting in the storage unit, and may be for another year or more ...

    Nice deal on the treadmill. Smile

  2. LittleGopher Says:

    Does your handyman have any construction connections? I know contractors that do handyman work in slow times, though not sure if that's the case with yours. A contractor may have access to discounted materials.

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    A lot of the modern treadmills have a place where you can safely place a laptop without fear of it falling off. Then you could stream something and not worry about having a TV in the room for something to watch while you work out. And of course you'd be able to use head phones, too, if you were worried about the noise factor.

  4. C... Says:

    I want an elliptical but I have no room for one right now.

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