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Credit Report & Garage Sale

April 9th, 2011 at 08:07 pm

Checked Credit Karma since I got an e-mail reminder that I hadn't looked at it in a while.

What is interesting is that absolutely nothing has ever fallen off of my credit card report. I thought that was odd, initially, but then heard that good credit stays on your report for 10 years.

Imagine my surprise to see my "number of accounts" went down. Um, that is something that has never happened before!

I believe we refinanced our first home purchase towards the beginning of 2001. Since we paid off the first loan in the refinance, it stayed on our credit report 10 years after that time. Thus, it was the first loan/credit we ever closed. It makes sense that would fall off the report at this point in time.

Several things will start to fall off in the next year's time. We refinanced our home one more time and sold it all within a year - so that is two more home loans and a line of credit that will fall off our report within a year.

I'll have to pull up my credit report and see if that first mortgage is really gone! I am just assuming that's it. Credit Karma kind of gives you a sum up of your score (estimate/FAKO score), but tells you how many accounts you have open, accounts closed, credit utilization, etc. I find it to be a nice free alternative to keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

Anyway, I suppose this all means I am getting *old.* Old enough to have lines of credit/loans/credit cards closed for 10 whole years.


Neighbors had a yard sale today. Nothing very exciting. I stopped by to see. Last time I scored some really high quality paint for LM's room - $1. Hoping I would stumble onto something like that again. Something useful or needed.

The quality of everything was pretty low - beat up and banged up. Nothing I needed or was looking for at all. So, eh.

That said, LM bought an ashtray (don't ask). BM bought a toy. They got away with 25 cents for being neighborhood kids. Then when we went back with their quarters, a skateboard was sitting out. I swear the kids were better hagglers when they were younger. I had whispered to BM to offer half price for a toy and he was shy and pretty much didn't say anything. Just smiled at the guy and paid whatever he asked. LOL. In the end after they got their money he gave them both their finds for a quarter. Anyway, so I nudged BM and told him to offer $5 for the skateboard. I didn't think he would do it, but now we were talking real money. So, he did. They asked $10, he said $5, they said okay.

Now he is in skateboard heaven. IT looked pretty nice. Clearly it needed new wheels and/or bearings (which is why I lowballed it). Or maybe just some lube. Dh looked at it and thought it was brand new and never ridden. Was a good buy! Dh also made the point that we should leave it as is until BM gets better/older/more practiced. Good point - then we can fix it up so it moves faster.

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  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Nice deal!

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