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April 9th, 2011 at 04:58 am

Life is crazy. Tax season isn't really the all of it. Maybe the most of it. I try to keep things simple and not so hectic, so it all does seem pretty hectic at the moment. That said, I intend to work all weekend. Not because I have that much to do, but it's my last shot for overtime. That, and too many personal appointments. So I'll need to work both days. I am exhausted just thinking about the weekend. And work my To Do List looks impossible, I guess. IRS deadlines? I think I will pretty much be done by Monday, like usual (one week ahead). But the state has a 4/15 deadline for use tax, April 30th is payroll deadlines, May 7th or something like that is property tax deadlines, and I am behind on all my regular work. It will be busy for a while. I don't have that many tax clients, so that is why I am pretty much done. I actually expect to get caught up on other things next week. Phew!!!


I can't help but feel my horoscope would read something along the lines of "many loose ends will be tied up this week."

**April 15th deadline - pretty much conquered.

**Gutters fixed. Total damage? $30. For a thorough gutter cleaning, some patches, and some fixing. I know - we owe our neighbor a nice dinner or something. He didn't want to charge anything and dh made him take $30. That was a project LONG put off - talk about loose ends tied up.

I hope he cashes the check. This is a case where cash would have been nice. I hate it when people don't cash checks!

**IRS audit - done. Got the letter that it was final and no change. For a client - but was a big stressful ordeal. Woohoo!

**I have 2 partnerships who have been quibbling with an exiting partner. Both have brought me much stress and back and forth the past year. Those 2 issues seem to be mostly resolved, as of this week. That calls for some champagne!!!


As far as government shutdown? Living in California, I am ashamedly used to it.

This was actually a huge reason Ms. Preschool up and left the state. She had a lot of state subsidized children in her care, so basically didn't get paid many months out of the year - many years.

I am still bitter about that, obviously. Frown That she just up and left - we loved her to death!

Government not getting their act together and paying their bills? Yeah yeah, what else is new? It's sad that has become the norm on some level. I agree with the other comments said this week in the blogs. Imagine, spending within one's means! A very novel concept...


I told dh that getting our gutters taken care of so well, so quickly, and so cheaply was karma.

I have to laugh when people presume I am money grubbing whatever because I am an accountant. Accountant isn't the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to making differences in people's lives. But, the truth is it is pretty rewarding. I think people just tend to really appreciate having someone to trust with that stuff, and not having to deal with it. Because though I love it all, most people can't stand numbers, finances, and taxes.

Anyway, I am told on a regular basis that I am highly appreciated. Which is where the rewarding part comes in. Probably extra so this time of the year since people hate dealing with their taxes so much.

I suppose I feel the same way about home maintenance. I know nothing about it. I don't want to know anything about it. & having someone I can trust, who isn't going to screw me over, and help me with that? I told dh I was feeling what it was like to be on the other side. *Home maintenance* is my equivalent to *evil taxes* I guess. Big Grin

So yes - definitely owe neighbor a nice dinner or some other token of appreciation!

2 Responses to “Craziness”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Home maintenance = evil taxes! Funny, funny.

  2. debtfreeme Says:

    Do you think you rhandy man could build a simple book case from scratch and put a TV on the wall? I know no one who could do either and I need some simple book shelves made and the TV put up above them.

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