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Packing Light

October 24th, 2010 at 08:22 pm

I was surprised how well I did with packing for our recent trip to Hawaii.

Packing light is not my thing. Just ask my dh or any other friend I have traveled with.

Granted, I might have packed one long sleeve shirt in with the shorts, swim suits and t-shirts. There really wasn't anything bulky in my suitcase, so I know this challenge was easier with the tropical destination. But, I have never met the challenge to survive one week with an itty bitty suitcase before, either.

In the end, it is amazing how much the simplicity improved our trip.

You might laugh at me to know we had our netbook, cell phones, MP3 players, a DS for some games, and a GPS to navigate. & a camera, of course! I can't help but feel that this was a reason I Was so content to travel with less (other stuff). I couldn't help but think a Kindle or e-reader would have reduced our bulk significantly (We traveled with about 4 large books).

Electronics aside, I couldn't help but feel I was really feeling the effects of our de-cluttering effort. IT's been many years in the making. I started seriously de-cluttering when the nesting instinct hit me late in pregnancy. Moreso with second baby since I had to clear out my whole extra room (office/spare bedroom with my old furniture) to make way for the baby. From then on, we just make a more conscious effort not to keep stuff we don't really need or use.

On top of this, our vow to live on one income with small children means certainly much less means to go around. I think dh and I have always been good with our financial priorities. But lately, we have had to be ultra efficient in our material purchases.

I think for the most part, I felt it when we traveled. I was able to quite easily carry everything material that really mattered to me. Being very much a homebody, it was profound for me not to get more homesick.

On the flip side of this, I also think resistance to electronics is often misguided. Being able to carry all of my favorite songs (& then some) in the palm of my hand, is kind of amazing. & the fact is it greatly reduces the clutter. As with most of the electronic items I mentioned. Instead of boxes of photo albums, we store most pictures electronically, etc. I just have a lot of very similarly minded friends, and we tend to diverge greatly in our life philosophies when it comes to electronics. We find, in moderation, the electronics greatly simplify our lives.

& i am sure one smart phone will take the place of most of this stuff, in the near future, anyway. Talk about simplicity!


The reason I was thinking about all this was because I was watching a Real Housewives episode (my guilty pleasure). One of the ladies was traveling just for the weekend, and had about 10 suitcases. (All the make up, clothes, shoes, etc., etc.).

I had to giggle myself.

I know that so many people think more stuff will make them happy. But I can't help but feel I'd rather just have my teeny tiny suitcase with everything I really *need*, any day. Rather than be a slave to all that stuff? Ugh!

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  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Most of the time when I've traveled, half of my (one) suitcase space is taken up by books. So now with my iPhone, I can limit myself to maybe one book (for the times I want to hold a real book!) I do usually end up taking way more clothes than needed though ..

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