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October 22nd, 2010 at 07:53 pm

**The mall is on fire!!! Well, it was. Interestingly, in a region that has suffered so much in the economy, apparently we had a mall that was doing QUITE well. (I didn't know). I was surprised to read that the vacancy rate was only 5%. (Come drive through Sacramento and most of its suburbs, and you will see miles and miles of empty retail and business space. Over 1 million square feet in our own suburb - what I heard a while ago - it's only gotten worse). Needless to say, that 5% vacancy rate is mind boggling to me. 200 stores, ruined and/or out of business at the moment. Some crazy person set the mall on fire yesterday morning.

I initially thought of all the ruined merchandise, but they say who knows when they will reopen, how bad the timing is right before Christmas, how much city sales tax revenue will be hurt, and how many people will be unemployed because of this. Ouch! (Plus, huge loss of seasonal jobs).

I've never been to said mall because I live very close to two other malls (which haven't been doing so well!).


**The weekend is upon us. Aside from a soccer game, no plans. Phew!! The house is a disaster, and so I suppose it will be a weekend of house cleaning.

Between all the illness, and being gone last weekend, I haven't done much around the house since we got home Oct. 1.


**Reminds me, I must be crazy! MIL wants to try QUICKEN! I didn't really sell her on it. She uses excel and dh helps here with the formulas/set up all the time. Probably something he set up for her. When the subject has come up, I will just say, "We use Quicken - it's so much easier."

I guess she was listening because the topic came up and I told her she could borrow a copy of mine and try it out. (We'd buy it for her for Christmas or something, if she liked it).

So, next weekend we have a Quicken date.

I should be excited, that I found someone to convert (muahahaha). But, realistically, I am just hoping she doesn't drive me crazy with it. Will see!

Plus side? The plus side is that I feel a little uncomfortable getting all in her financial business, and dh has far more time. SO, I told him that he was going to have to help. I can show them how to use it together. & then I will have more confidence that dh can figure it all out if something happens to me. & if she needs a LOT of hand holding, he can take over (because that is when I will go nuts!)

A little hand holding will be fun. An excuse to call me every single day? What was I thinking?

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  1. whitestripe Says:

    hopefully you can help her with everything without having to know all the details and info on their financial status. i find that when people give me that kind of private information (except on here, of course, i think anonymity helps, or maybe most people on here are just a lot better about their finances than people i know in real life) I can't help but judge them just a tiny bit on some of their choices - even though in reality I am not a judgemental person at all.

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