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Just More Updates

October 15th, 2010 at 01:48 pm

**Dh's vehicle had more serious air conditioning problems, so it will be $450 to fix. We had already talked about taking it in this week, before I got the news of the $1k insurance reduction. So, I am glad we brought it in after that news. I am more open to the idea to spending $450 to fix it in October. (It is another scorcher today!)

In the grand scheme of things, I don't think our luck is turning back to the bad side. IT's a repair we have been putting off, and knock on wood, but we are nowhere near our car maintenance budget for the year. So, in the grand scheme of things, it's no biggie.

It is officially our first A/C repair, ever. It's a newer car thing - our ancient cars' A/Cs just always worked forever.


**Really GOOD news on the school front. (& good for long term financial planning!). The schools' test scores were through the roof for 2010. As such, I think the school has decided that now is a good as time as any, to expand. (They have wanted to expand since inception 5 years ago, but have been very busy getting the school set up and slowly adding grades 4 & 5, etc.). We also didn't even have a principal, last the subject was broached.

It really seems to me that the test scores have something to do with it. (Expecting more support from the district and community, etc.?)

The primary wish is to add Grades 6-8. Since the other middle school choices at current are completely abyssmal, I am very happy that there is such serious talk about moving forward with this. I have 3 or so more years to worry about all this. (My approach has just been very one year at a time. If I had panicked about elemtary school options, it would have worked against us probably. We now have the best school we could ever want. It just kind of happened. So, I haven't found it very worthwhile to panic about 4 years down the road, yet!).

We are exceptionally pleased with the school, so I hope it all works out. Will see...


I lucked into a really nice art set for LM, for just under $50. I mentioned before, that LM wanted to take an extra-curricular art class. Dh and I cringed at the price, and decided to use the money to set up his own art studio at home. (The plus is that he gets art instruction at school - they have a REALLY good art program). So, at home, he cam practice practice practice, and expand on the ideas he gets from school.

Since the original idea, I can tell you, I am even more glad I thought of it. I am running out of paper to keep him occupied - he just draws and draws and draws, all the time.

So, I have been keeping my eye out on Craigslist. I haven't seen much, but the other day I was perusing Amazon (again), and one brand of art products was on sale (many items were 75% - 90% off). I found a chalkboard/dry erase board/easel for $38. (The full price on all these items were ridiculous, but the sales prices were quite good, in comparison). I ended up getting a pile of chalk, markers, paper and other accessories for $10. So, a REALLY good start. The shipping was free.

I really just need to keep my eye out for some paint.

It wasn't my intent to make this a Christmas gift. BUT, will probably just hold it for Christmas. (We weren't really planning to buy the kids anything - between all the free stuff dh will get from Scholastic and his game buying/selling, and how much MIL Spoils them). It's the slippery slope of what to get BM, if we get something big for LM. Dh thinks my parents wanted to give BM a big gift though. If that works out, we will just go with that. They will both get a nice gift for Christmas Day, then. They don't seem to notice or care who their gifts are from, at this age.


For the final news, BM's class is the "richest" in the school. Was the same class last year, and they always raised the most money for any fundraiser.

At the beginning of the year, teacher asked for about $500 for some software for the kids. The money was raised in an instant. When I saw the request, I thought, "pfffft," since I just wrote out a pile of checks to the school for field trips, supplies, etc. I initially thought, "Maybe we can contribute around Christmas." But when it took him 5 mintues to raise $500, I thought, "nevermind." We focus much more on giving time than money, at this stage in our lives. Seems like a *time* giving year. & I appreciated not feeling the pressure to help, once the money was raised.

That said, I think the techer was so surprised/amazed, he decided to ask for even more. (Why not???). HE asked for money for a video camera for the classroom. BUT, he did it through some donation site, while we were on vacation. Where he was limited to only certain retailers. I Was just showing dh this week, and he said, "What? I can get that for 25% the price." I looked, and no one had contributed one cent. I told dh, "The other parents may have a lot of money, but they aren't stupid." No one wants to pay way more than they have to! (I have found a lot of our well off neighbors are actually pretty money wise and frugal, so I wasn't surprised at all to see the parents balk at this purchase).

So, dh contacted him and told him we would offer to just donate the equipment - we could get it for $100.

I am glad we waited for a more "fitting" opportunity to help. Dh is excited to help with their video projects. With a camera, they can get started!

1 Responses to “Just More Updates”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Your son has a very lucky teacher to have parents like you, and the others who are so willing to help out. The video projects sound like a very fun thing to do!

    Great find on the art supplies!

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