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Paid for Itself (Or Why to Shop Thrift)

September 11th, 2010 at 01:59 am

I have to preface this by saying, dh is a lucky duck. I can't say I have ever found a wad of cash, in my entire life. But to dh, eh, happens every once in a while. Rolleyes

SO, today he goes to the thrift shop, and is not sure he is thrilled with the prices. But he sees this really cool Hawaiian shirt (for our trip) and some nice/comfortable pair of shorts. Figures maybe he should buy a 2nd or 3rd pair of shorts, for our trip. (He may have 1 or 2?)

When he tries on the shorts, he finds $9 in the pocket!

My jaw hit the floor when he told me.

Irony is the stuff cost $9 - so he just paid with the cash he found.

Lucky Duck!

I laughed because clothes are SO not his thing. I really have no idea where this Hawaiian shirt idea came from. Since being home with the kids, his standard uniform is a white shirt and jeans. I nag him to wear some real clothes once in a while. I am not much into looks and not overly picky. But I prefer my husband doesn't look homeless, either. Sometimes, anyway. (90% of the time I don't notice).

So, as he modeled his new outfit (khaki shorts???), I told him he HAD to wear this new ensemble to his family BBQ tomorrow. His mom will pass out. LOL.


In other news, that nasty mosquito hasn't shown up again. I think I did whack it, but no idea where it went. The cat might have got it.



This weekend we have BM's first soccer game, and a family get together at the cabin (about an hour away). They took LM already. They wanted to do a BIG family weekend, but the 3-bedroom cabin can only fit so many people. Was a perfect fit for his grandma and her kids and grandkids. But great-grandkids - there are about 8 of them. Plus the grandkids' spouses - gets kind of crowded. We will just show up for the day.

I was hoping that the kids could stay over night, but no go. MIL gets really weird about "out of the way" we are. YEs, all 5 miles "out of the way." Rolleyes (I shouldn't whine - this means that she doesn't drop in on us much - even when in the area! Is probably for the best!) So I am surprised that they stopped to pick up LM. At least he is getting the overnight / cousin experience. Not very exciting for dh and I. We have been trying to sneak out to the movies, forever. We were considering tonight (only one to pay for babysitting), but decided against it. It's been too spendy.


I put a small sum in LM's lunch account and a larger one in BM's. I think they kind of feed off of each other, and all of a sudden they want to buy lunch every day. Ugh! I told them 3 times a week, max. Since LM was so gung ho, decided to put more money in his account. (I really thought he would be too scared to go through the whole buying lunch ideal - what do I know). But since there is a $1.75 fee for every deposit, I decided to just estimate the rest of the calendar year. So, about $150. Ouch. That will buy them 45 lunches, each (when added to the money BM already had). The frugal lunch option - well, isn't so frugal with the two of them together. But, it still makes life easier on us, so be it. (Dh's grandma is always slipping me a $20 here and there for lunch, too, which is nice).


Somehow or other, we were on the verge of trying hang gliding in Hawaii. (From cheap - not spend anything but food and rental car - to $200/hour, per person, motorized hang gliding. Don't ask me how).

I chickened out, but told dh that I would rethink the zipline thing. If I don't have a heart attack on the zip line, maybe I will try hang gliding, next time...

So I have to pick one and reserve that. Will be $260-ish, for the 2 of us. We decided to bite the bullet and splurge.

I am thinking of doing that on our anniversary. The fact is that is probably more dangerous. Oh well!

4 Responses to “Paid for Itself (Or Why to Shop Thrift)”

  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    Too funny. My sister found $20 in a boot once.

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    What a great find for your DH!

    I can't wait to hear how you like the zipline. I'm seriously thinking of doing something like that as a graduation gift to myself. (There's a ranch nearby that has ziplines.)

  3. Looking Forward Says:

    Your Dh is lucky. Maybe good karma too? Makes me want to go check pockets at the thrift store. Smile
    We did a zipline excursion in Mexico (anniversary/birthday). It was pretty cool after getting used to it. I'm glad we went for it.

  4. whitestripe Says:

    I have found coins here and there in clothes i've tried on in op-shops. never that much though lol. lucky!
    for us, DF is the one that cares about clothes. I mean, I love shopping, but I rarely buy things. Usually just spend hours trying on clothes and not buying things - but every now and then I'll find something I like and buy it - then wear it to death. Funnily though I don't notice how ratty it starts to look until DF points it out. (I believe he has at some point or another used the term 'homeless' on me too. Hmph! 'But the shorts are comfy!')

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