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So Much for That...

September 9th, 2010 at 02:53 pm

I dumped our $6/month Green energy fee on our electric bill. It's a good program, but everything has been going up and up, so it seemed like a logical cut.

OF course, I just dumped it, and then I regretted it a bit when I Was looking at it again. For everyone who pays $6, their share of energy is 100% renewable. I didn't remember it being quite so direct. No wonder we signed up!

Anyway, I just got the last bill, and they adjusted our balanced billing up by $5/month. My first thought was that this mostly offsets are gas decrease of $6/month. I guess that's a wash.

But, then I realized that they completely did not take into affect our $6/month payment reduction. They just averaged our last 12 months.

So much for that! I should sign back up. They change the amount every 12 months. So, am stuck with it for another year.

Anyway, our gas/electric is averaging $103 a month now, down from $104 last year. $6 of that is completely voluntary green energy. All else being equal, it should knock down to $97, next year.

I will have to consider just adding the green energy back. Paying for it anyway.

I must say further attempts at energy savings seem to be failing. New computer monitor was bought largely in that vain, and dh sung the praises of the energy efficiency of his new TV. But, energy usage seems to remain unchanged.


Dh found a great deal on a Blu Ray yesterday - it was $10. He sold his DVD copy within hours, on Amazon. (Kind of unexpected how quickly it sold), for $20.

I admit this is one area where dh and I differ, and the kind of thing an "allowance" comes in handy for. I have no idea why anyone would waste all that money on DVDs, etc. I wouldn't spend a dime of my own money on that stuff.

But, dh is a different breed. All that said, when you walk in and see his extensive DVD/Blu Ray collection, you can kind of guess what people are thinking. Reality is that he is making money by converting to Blu Ray. Kind of funny. One of his more recent finds was Toy Story, practically free after rebates and coupons. Plus, it came with movie tickets, and of course, he sold the DVD.

Who knew someone would pay $20 for a used DVD? IT had special bonus features or something like that. You got me!

5 Responses to “So Much for That...”

  1. Homebody Says:

    Do you have PG&E? I don't know what green thing you are talking about. Probably I tossed any insert that came with the bill though, I usually do! Both our gas and electricity usage is down a tiny bit over last year. I did get the rebate over the winter though for getting our usage down because we used wood heat mostly. Eek I need to call the chimney sweep today!

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    We have SMUD for electricity and PGE for gas. I have not heard good things about PGE's programs (surprise, surprise - big Corporate giant). They at least have a carbon offset program - maybe more. SMUD (Sacto Muni Utilities) has much better green programs.

  3. Looking Forward Says:

    I wouldn't pay $20 for a NEW DVD Smile

  4. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Someone paying $20 for a NEW DVD stumps me, let alone a used one. But then I'm happy with Netflix and seeing all the movies I could ever want to see -- without the hassle of storage. Smile

  5. MonkeyMama Says:

    I wouldn't pay $1 for a DVD, myself. Big Grin But, dh would pay a lot. He loves his movies. (Well, these days, Blu Ray only).

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