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Attack of the Mosquito & Risks

September 8th, 2010 at 02:23 pm

I heard the distinct bzzz of a mosquito in my ear on Monday night as I lounged on the couch. I jumped up and yelled, "Mosquito!" Everyone else looked at me like I was crazy, but it was confirmed soon after. I call it vampire mosquito because I got a lovely mosquito bite on my neck. (Though honestly, one of the more pleasant mosquito bites I have had - hasn't been too bad - I have benadryl cream on hand).

It appeared last night again and dh casually mentioned he had a handful of bites (I didn't know). That's what he gets for being home all day.

SO, this morning I sit down for a few minutes when both my knees start itching. I am just scratching them for a while when I look down and see the mosquito. Aaaaarrrrgggghh! I slapped it away (and ran away screaming). If dh was awake he would give me a lecture on keeping calm and getting rid of that thing for once and for all.

Now I have about 8 giant welts all over my knees. I don't know if it couldn't find any blood, or is just gorged itself. Egads! If we keep feeding it so well, it might as well be a pet. Rolleyes

It just runs off and hides until its next meal. It's a sneaky one!


Not much else going on. The boss is on an extremely rare month-long vacation, and yesterday all the computers and phones were having issues (traced to a T1 line, eventually). But, what a mess. Thank goodness for cell phones.

Hopefully today is a little more productive. I have a couple of big projects that I really need to get done before my vacation. It''s usually pretty slow this time of month - but geez louise. Though I feel I should probably work some overtime, I think I will apply it to my vacation time so I don't have to use as much vacation time for vacation. I haven't worked any overtime since April, but to work a couple of weekends to not eat up vacation time. When I work overtime, I get paid for it (once a year bonus) so if I have to work overtime, I could probably use it anyway. Maybe October will be a good time to earn some extra cash.

If people didn't know me, they'd probably figure I wouldn't work a minute overtime. But the thing is things have been slow for a couple of people in my office. Though one manager delights in working 100-hour works, I have kind of taken the position that if people have nothing to do, I shouldn't be working more - I should be delegating better. But I am getting to a place where I can't delegate further. Though I'd probably be fine if not for leaving for a week.


I am still tired of all the miserable people in my life. It could be a character flaw, but I have low tolerance for whiny people. So DO something about it.

I was reflecting on it the other morning. I had a conversation with a relative (a mother) who was "forced" to work full-time.

I was also thinking about it in terms of risks. I think Frugal Foodie (correct me if I am wrong?) posted about a study where 95+ year-olds stated what they would change in their own lives, if they could turn back time. "Take more risks" was one of them.

I am extremely risk -adverse. Probably well more than average. & I noticed a lot of people agreeing that they were not risk takers. But, I was thinking about it in terms of this miserable relative. They are highly educated and make good money. BUT, choosing to live in the same city as their family is not helping them (median home price something like $700k). Meanwhile, all I have ever heard is how awesome her job is. They have always been very flexible with her, and offered her a full-time position on the spot when her spouse's job was in jeopardy. Now, times are tough, and she is just pissed that she would have to sacrifice anything for them. I suppose it's a pet peeve of mine - when people expect the world from their employers, but just gripe when they have to return the favor.

Regardless, if the work is too much, so quit! So find another job!

The irony is that we have 2 other relatives who work for the same employer. When I asked another one about the hours and how she was taking it, she replied, "Pfffft. I told them I wasn't working more hours - I will quit if I have to." They decided to keep her at part-time.

I think that kind of says it all.

I kind of think of these life choices when it comes to risks. It's risky to think outside the box and demand what is better for you, sometimes. But I think most people over amplify those perceived risks, and it keeps them very stuck.

On the flip side, dh and I were considering a hang glider experience in Hawaii. This is a very different kind of risk. I actually got turned on to the idea because there is no way in heck I would ever get in a helicopter (you know how risky those can be?). But I was reading about these motored hang gliders and the amazing safety record of this company.

The truth is, even a helicopter ride is probably less dangerous than my commute to work. But, my commute to work serves a purpose of survival. I finally told dh that I was happy to consider the hang glide ride when the kids were adults, but as long as I have small children, I don't want to do anything too overtly risky. Kids are another animal. I can hardly imagine anything worse than not being alive to raise them, so why would I do anything to risk that??? (Within reason of course. I could hole up and never leave the house to achieve some higher sense of safety. But, living life is important too).

So, I Can't help but wonder what kind of risks these elderly study subjects were wishing they had taken. Did they wish they had quit their unfulfilling jobs? Or did they wish they had gone sky diving? I couldn't help but feel it was the more mundane risks in life that they probably regretted. I really don't know for sure.

6 Responses to “Attack of the Mosquito & Risks”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Your blog today has caused my thoughts to go to so many places. Thanks. Oh, and I'm afraid I laughed about the mosquitos, sorry. I think you've got more than one mosquito. Individually, they don't bite and bite and bite like that. If you have a flock of bites, you've got a flock of skeeters.

  2. Homebody Says:

    We never had mosquitos for years in Humboldt County, but for about 5 now, we have them. There is nothing worse than drifting off to sleep and hearing the buzz in your ear!

    We installed new windows and screens recently and it much better, but when I go out to water my flowers against the back of the house, they all fly up and land there. I need to bring out the fly swatter with me!

  3. MonkeyMama Says:

    Joan - the irony is that I know I got all those bites in about 1 minute, and we are pretty sure it is just one. But seems really odd, huh? It's a wee little one - so hard to spot. (Lord, I hope it's not a bunch of babies!)

    Will keep my eyes out, I guess.

    Homebody - this may be one of our first invaders. The irony is I don't think mosquitos are so common in the Bay Area (where my mom is). But we are right by the river though (& a lake). So, they are very commonplace. My mom starts freaking out about the west nile. Like I've never been bitten by a mosquito before. Rolleyes

  4. miclason Says:

    Get rid of that mosquito NOW! They ARE dangerous!!! I freak out, because Ale already had dengue fever more than once!!!

  5. baselle Says:

    I'm thinking that if a 95 yr old could go back in time with full knowledge its less that they would take more risks, but more that they would FEAR less. The difference between those two relatives you describe is fear. One is driven by fear, the other not.

    And that's what savings really does for you. There's a reason why everyone wants you to spend more. You fear more when the money's cut off.

  6. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Ugh, I hate skeeters myself. Especially after having lived in MN for several years and having more than my fill of them.

    Baselle, I think you hit the proverbial nail on the head. Fear can be such a limiting factor in life if you allow it to rule.

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