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Low Key Weekend

August 30th, 2010 at 07:45 am

**The weather Gods were super nice to us. We had an all day soccer tournament on Saturday. It never got hotter than 75F. About 30 degrees cooler than average?

Definitely the coolest summer day, in decades.

**Yesterday I scrubbed the floors. Which is something I never have (make) time for. So, this means, I am feeling pretty caught up.

BM has a hand-me-down desk in his room. I was making sure their rooms were picked up and vacuumed, when I asked BM if he wanted to move his homework to his desk. For now, he has taken over the kitchen island, which is fine. He can be with the family and ask questions while he does homework. But, at the same time, he usually doesn't need much help, and might as well use the desk in his room.

**For the long weekend next weekend I Was thinking I really need to do a Goodwill sweep throughout the house. I found a couple of things around the house, and the kids' room just seems piled high with junk. They don't have a LOT of toys, but there are just little happy meal and birthday party favor type crap all over the place. I just despise that stuff. I swear we just threw away a bag of useless crap. I have NO IDEA where it all comes from!!!!

I just need to go through every room and make another pile.

**Nickel and Diming continues. LM's teacher asked for $5 for a project. Soccer asked for a $10-$30 clinic. We are passing on the time and money for the clinic. I have the means to handle all this stuff, but I can tell having the 2 kids in school is just going to compound everything. Plus, the extra-curriculars are asking for more money with budget cuts, too.

I know the new Kinder parents enthusiasm for parties and stuff will annoy the hell out of me.

**Dh has already volunteered 6 hours at Scholastic since school started. He is committing 1 hour a week to each classroom, and a couple of hours a week at the public TV station (in addition to the long weekend/night pledge shifts he always does). Plus, he is making progress on home video edits and such. He is keeping plenty busy. We may not be made of cash these days, but I think we are doing our fair share to help.

4 Responses to “Low Key Weekend”

  1. momcents Says:

    Boy, I'm right there with you on boycotting the first-time around Kinder parents (I've got them in 7th, 6th, 3rd, 1st, and again K). And as far as sports thru the Park District and the YMCA, I've learned that I only need a 5x7 team soccer photo rather than the grand packages. A $.59 sheet of scrapbook paper plus $.99 for a pack of stickers plus several action shots from their games cost WAY less than the $35 packages!

  2. monkeymama Says:

    Momcents - they were annoying the first time through - I can't imagine the 5th time through. I swear, the kids have a party every single week at school. They will celebrate anything and everything. Gee, it always cost money. I should suggest we tone it down and donate that money to the class or school, instead. Just doubt it would fly.

  3. momcents Says:

    We got a new principal two years ago (she came from the Chicago Public School system to a lily white Catholic school). She let the parties stay, but mandated a service project component (making Valentine's cards for the nuns at the local Convent, making bags of candy for the kids at the homeless shelter, making baby buntings for the unwed mothers, etc). I thought that was the best thing ever, to bring some meaning to the events. Room Mothers had a cow though, that they couldn't finish their over-complicated Oriental Trading Company projects or they couldn't get through their full game circuit, etc.

  4. rob62521 Says:

    One thing a school I used to work for did instead of having gift exchanges at holidays was to ask kids to bring in the money they would have spent on a gift and they pooled it and then the kids picked a committee from their class to choose board games for the class to use during indoor recess.

    I do like the service project idea! I used to have my students make cards for vets at a veterans' hospital for every holiday and would send them over.

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